Update from the Mayor
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Pacifica Community Members,

Rapidly escalating Coronavirus (COVID-19) response actions in Pacifica and throughout the region are on the forefront of everyone’s minds and daily routines, as are questions and concerns that are expected, understood, and normal in such a time of an unprecedented and prolonged public health crisis. This update provides a substantial amount of information about the City of Pacifica’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Two facts we know for sure – 1) conditions will get worse before they get better, which is why it is essential everyone follows shelter in place and social distancing orders, and 2) we will get through this together with the strength, compassion, and dedication in our community. Last Friday there were 20 confirmed COVID-19 cases in San Mateo County; as of March 18, this number has climbed to 80, with, tragically, one confirmed death. With rapid response, the entire Bay Area region is now under a “Shelter in Place” (SIP) order as of Tuesday, 3/17, 12:01 am. Following this order is essential to increase the regions chances of being able to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 cases and not overwhelming our region’s healthcare system.

The City of Pacifica has been focused on several areas of action – Ensuring essential city services continue in a health protective manner for the public and employees ; Coordinating with other cities, the County, and partner organizations to bring consistency and stability in response actions ; and Providing information to the public . The City of Pacifica’s dedicated webpage, which is being updated daily, is currently the major information portal for everything related to this crisis: www.cityofpacifica.org/coronavirus . Some highlights of information are:

Continuing Essential City Services : The City is complying with the SIP order, but is still open for business with some limited or altered services. Offices have been closed to in-person public interaction except by appointment; on-line and phone utilization is encouraged. Some City Council meetings have been cancelled and some will continue under specific health-protective rules. The City has proclaimed a Local Emergency, which will open channels for financial assistance in the future. While most Senior, Childcare, and Recreation programs have been cancelled for now, parks, beaches, and hiking trails are open and you are encouraged to use them while maintaining six feet of social distancing around others. Playgrounds are closed, because they cannot be sanitized regularly enough, but park bathrooms remain open and are being cleaned by staff more frequently. The essential Meals on Wheels program continues to operate, providing critical meals to home-bound seniors. All of these details and more are listed on the City’s webpage.

This is a challenging and interrupting time for City business, and many programs and projects will be delayed because of this crisis. City staff has done an amazing job at quickly mobilizing its Continuity of Operations Plan, so if you see a City employee or crew in your neighborhood, give him/her/them a shout out from a safe distance; I know I will!

Regional Coordination:  This is also a challenging and interrupting time for residents and businesses in the community. With schools and daycares closed, businesses shut-down or with altered services, and you or family members off of work because your job has been interrupted, many, many questions and concerns have arisen. The City of Pacifica is coordinating daily with other cities, the County, the schools, and related organizations to answer questions and organize programs and resources to respond to these concerns. Here’re a few links for information, and more will be updated regularly on the City’s webpage:

Public Information : The City has been pushing out information and resources through its various social media channels – Connect with Pacifica, Facebook, Next Door, Twitter, and the City’s website. In addition, on Monday of this week, the City recorded a few different spots on PCTV, which will be running regularly and through Social Media. See PCTV’s YouTube Channel at:   https://www.youtube.com/user/PacCoastTV .

In the coming days, the City will be working to better organize the extensive resources of information on the City’s Coronavirus webpage.

How You Can Help : Consider printing this letter and other information from the City’s webpage to leave in mailboxes of your neighbors whom you think may not be on-line very often. Also, if you’re interested in volunteering to help, and especially if you know of any kind of medical professionals who might be interested, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSXH6PZ

Additionally, sign up for the City’s weekly newsletter "Connect with Pacifica" here:

And sign up for San Mateo County Alert system here:

Thank you for sheltering in place , practicing social-distancing , and helping keep our community safe and healthy in this time of unprecedented health crisis. Together we will get through this challenging time.

Deirdre Martin
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