Volume 1 | July 24, 2020
Shout Out To Perelandra
I will be doing shout outs to various individuals and groups who work with the intelligence of nature. These groups work in many different ways, each recognizing the powerful benefits for us all when we work with nature as a co-creative force.

We start with Perelandra, an organization founded by Machelle Small Wright and located in Virginia. This renown group works with the intelligence of nature in many ways. Many years ago they developed MAP (Medical Assistance Program) in which an interdimensional group of beings help humans with health issues. They also developed Soil-less Gardens in which people can work with the intelligence of nature to develop healthy and fulfilling homes, offices and personal careers. Perelandra is also a farm at which Machelle and her group work with nature to grow produce and flowers (see image above) that are filled with the powerful essences of the plant world. Machelle works with nature intelligence to create many herbal remedies and many on-line courses.
Old Trees Society
Old Trees Society is a public Facebook Group that culls images of beautiful trees and nature scenery from around the world. Many of the posts are poetic, as here.

An excellent choice if you are in the mood to relate to the pure beauty of nature around the world.
Last Call to Join Online Webinar
The Art & Practice of Nature Spirit Communication
Sat July 25 - 10am-12pm CDT
Join us on this two hour interactive Zoom meeting. We will discuss the basics of nature spirit communication and take you through some communication exercises. You will have the opportunity to discuss these matters in real time with Atala.

The benefits of this web meeting are that you can join from anywhere around the world!

The workshop is sponsored by Infinity Foundation of Highland Park, Illinois. Register at the workshop listing on their site –  The Art & Practice of Nature Spirit Communication. Course 202136. The fee is $35. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom entry code.
20% Off Select Chakra Products
Clearing and balancing your chakras, and the earth's chakras, enable you to clear space to communicate properly. This is multi-dimensional in application. It is helpful for yourself. It clears energetic debris in your home. It clears the channels by which various life forms seek to communicate.

I designed an extensive variety of chakra products to help people clear issues specific to certain chakras, or to create a broad full-spectrum clear. These include mugs, coasters and magnets.

How super! Set up a mini-circle of chakra magnets
then place a nature spirit image or object inside, to help clear the paths to inner communication!

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