Connect to Your Potential
CONNECT2019 in Las Vegas September 4-7!

Hi Croupiers! Let’s continue to work toward making sure our members’ knowledge of CONNECT2019 is a sure thing! Here is additional information about the conference learning objectives and sessions. This week we will look at Connect to Your Potential:
Empower Yourself and Ignite Your Chapter with Gina Geldbach-Hall
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret for increasing the effectiveness that motivates and empowers others to greater accomplishments, not to mention happiness? This firefighter has secrets she wants to share, sharpening your leadership skills to promote healthy relationships.

Self-Aware Leadership with Nancy Endress
  • This session will focus on recognizing leadership in your members, identifying actions and interactions that embrace inclusion of all ideas and people, and promoting your self-awareness. When you leave, Nancy expects you will be better equipped to recognize and appreciate the potential for leadership in all of us.

What Makes You Tick – and What Ticks You Off with Nancy Gaston
  • Nancy will help you examine your personality style and better understand how different styles complement each other to promote effective chapters. A trainer and consultant, Nancy is a member of Assistance League of Southwest Washington.

The Art of Managing Personalities with Kris Abbey
  • Through an interactive game of “personality poker” you will better understand behavior styles and how to leverage varied styles to achieve success in your chapter. Kris, a member of Assistance League of Norman, is also the creative force behind Abbey Rd. Catering, the business she started 19 years ago.

Teaching to Learn; Learning to Teach with Dr. Anne Segal
  • Here you will be asked to consider the different ways people learn, teach and participate – according to their personalities. Dr. Segal, who has her PhD in Educational Development and Management as well as her law degree, is a member of Assistance League of Tucson.

Embrace Chapter Transformation by Thinking Big and Acting Bold with Jacki Davidoff and Lynette Morris
  • These colleagues at Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy have developed six big and bold paradigm shifts to support the growth of the organization. They will explain this call for action, then help you explore and challenge your own assumptions and honestly reflect on what is and is not working for your chapter, your members and those you serve – and learn how to apply the paradigm shifts to be of greater service.

Be Bold: Embrace Your Financial Well Being with Amy Kane, Vice President, Senior Wealth Planner with U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management
  • As a senior wealth planner, Amy directs wealth planning by providing analysis and advanced wealth planning strategies to help high net worth clients work toward their goals.

Feminine Leadership in the Modern Workplace with Dr. Judith Wright
  • A professor of transformational coaching and co-founder of Wright University for the Realization of Human Potential, Dr. Wright’s dynamic presentation will discuss how to unleash your leadership and unlock your potential. A pioneer in the field of human development, Dr. Wright is a bestselling author, media favorite, and one of our country’s foremost experts on transformational leadership. 

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Judith Wright
  • By increasing your EI (Emotional Intelligence), a key factor in career and relationship success, you will better understand yourself and others and become a more potent change agent, says Dr. Wright – and she will help you learn how this works to reduce your personal stress and increase your job satisfaction. 

Think Big: Elevate Your Impact with Charitable Giving with Daniel P. Harris, Senior Vice President/National Director, Philanthropic Services/ U.S. Bank Wealth Management
  • Responsible for leading all national philanthropic efforts for U.S, Bank Wealth Management, Dan enjoys speaking with people about experiences and deeply-held beliefs that lead to support of causes they care about. He looks forward to sharing stories and hearing new ones!
Yell it like a winner! CONNECT2019 is packed with informative sessions – and you don’t want to miss out!! Registration opens April 15 at which time you need to sign up for the specific sessions you want to attend. Those first to register will be first to ensure their spot in their favored sessions.
See you in September!  

Your Pit Bosses,
Jane Rosinski and Kathy Youngman

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