October 31, 2018

Interest in the Step Up 4 Success webinar last night was so exciting! We apologize to those of you who were unable to join because we exceeded the limit for our account. We have already significantly increased the capacity so we'll be ready for the next two Step Up webinars which are Tuesday, Nov 13 and Nov 27.

Here’s the REPLAY link from the Oct 30 webinar so you can catch up right now or replay to pick up more great tips:   https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Events/111413451

The Connect with 25 Each Week Tracking Sheet is going to become your new best friend! Make it your launching point to expand your business in exciting new ways each and every week.

The idea of the tracker is to focus on CONNECTING with 25 people each week. Your ultimate goal is to book future Shows from these connections. Some people you connect with will be ready to book – they already love L’BRI. Others may need to try the product, may need samples, may just need to begin a relationship with you. By making connections with each person and following up, you will be reaching out to enough people to get some super results.

  • WHO did you met at a Show, private facial or vendor event? Add all of these names to your Connect with 25 sheet.
  • WHO did you connect with while out-and-about? At the bank, at daycare, the gym, soccer game? Did you offer samples, a private facial or makeover, invite them to one of your self-hosted Shows?
  • WHO loves L’BRI? Your customers who love L’BRI are some of the most likely people to plan a fun get-together in November… IF... you ASK them. They are already confident introducing their friends and family to L’BRI and would love some free products. Once you connect, put these names on your Tracker. (Check out the great booking script toward the end of the Magic Words Bonus Webinar in the Learning Center.)
  • WHO has some L’BRI samples and has not ordered yet? You can offer a private facial. Once the date is set, encourage them to invite a few friends to try LBRI at the same time. Bam! Show booked! If they are reluctant, at their private facial - once they want everything in the catalog - suggest they get some of the products for free by introducing L'BRI to some friends.
  • WHO has never tried L’BRI? Connect with them. If they are local, invite them to one of your self-hosted Shows. Offer a couple of dates. If they are not local, offer to send samples and then follow up.
  • WHO can give you referrals? Actually, that’s a silly question. Absolutely everyone can give you a referral or two. Ask who they know who wants to feel beautiful; wants to look younger; has irritating skin issues; would love a head-turning new makeup look for the holiday season, wants safe products for themselves and their children?
  • WHO have you not connected with in a while? Connect with old classmates, roommates, neighbors, friends, work associates, relatives… anyone with skin! Facebook is a powerful tool to search for and reach out to all of the special people from your past. Just begin a conversation, find out how they are doing. Be genuinely interested. Comment on their Facebook posts. Nurture the relationship a little before jumping into offering L'BRI.

Each week connect with 25 new people and add them to your Connect with 25 Tracker. At the end of 4 weeks, you will have connected with 100 people! Keep going back to the prior week's sheet and following up until you have offered each person a chance to have a Show of their own where you'll meet more people who will book Shows and take a closer look at the L'BRI opportunity. You are certain to create some exciting results!

A very important connection - at least each week - will be with your Executive Manager. Let her know how you are doing, what you are doing and how she can help you.

Have a fabulous week STEPPING UP 4 SUCCESS!

We believe in YOU!


Love to hear from you!

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Lin Ragle