MACo's Summer Conference is August 14-17, 2019 in Ocean City, MD
2,500+ Participants Include:
County elected officials, county employees, state officials and employees,
Congressmen, commercial and nonprofit representatives
Why Sponsor?

  • Connect with County Decision-Makers

  • Be a Resource and Industry Leader

  • Build Lasting Partnerships
MACo's Attendee Lounge serves as a gathering place for small meetings, a quiet place to check in with the office via our Cyber Cafe, and the home of our very popular Solutions Showcase Sessions (30-minute sponsor presentations).

Hundreds of participants visit the Attendee Lounge, making it the perfect high-traffic opportunity for a sponsor looking to connect with county and state leaders.
Interested in presenting for 30 minutes in MACo's Solutions Showcase?
This is your last chance!

Our showcase is FULL, but the best slot - and the only one left - is the one we're holding for the sponsor of the Attendee Lounge. Contact Virginia today to claim the Attendee Lounge sponsorship and start planning your high-profile Solutions Showcase speaking presentation!
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor names the Attendee Lounge - name used on signage, schedule, and mobile app
  • Sponsor logo and messaging on table tents inside the lounge
  • Sponsor promotional materials and banners may be displayed inside the lounge
  • Friday lunchtime slot to host a Solutions Showcase Session!

Audience: Hundreds of participants will spend time in the Attendee Lounge!

Contribution: $5,000
MACo offers more than 25 educational sessions at this conference. A/V equipment (projectors, screens, etc.) are used in all of those sessions.
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor’s logo and messaging (approved by MACo) will be displayed on the screen as guests and attendees enter each session room 

Audience: ~1,875 views of your logo and messaging!

Contribution: $5,000
Facilitate the connection! Provide complimentary wireless internet throughout the convention center.
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor logo displayed on signage and flyers with WIFI instructions
  • Sponsor gets to choose the WIFI password ...make it your company name or another term related to your work!
Audience: All 3,000+ participants will likely use the WIFI connection for at least one mobile device!

(Co-sponsors accepted at $3,000 each, but only lead gets to select the password)

Contribution: $5,000
MACo sends a daily conference email detailing hot topics, updates, and reminders for each day of the conference.
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor logo, link, and message will be displayed in the body of the email sent each morning of the conference

Audience: Email is sent to all participants and has a 56% open rate, which means 1,400+ views EACH DAY for FOUR DAYS.

Contribution: $4,000
Only 2 Co-sponsor Opportunities Left!
This reception is held on Friday—members of the Governor’s Cabinet are invited to attend and meet with our conference guests. We allow 6 co-sponsors of this reception and only have 2 of those spots left...reserve this sponsorship today!
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor signage displayed at entrance to reception
  • Table provided for sponsor promotional materials in reception

Audience: 400-500 guests, including Governor Hogan (confirmed to attend!), Lt. Governor Rutherford, Cabinet Secretaries, and MACo participants

Contribution: $3,000
This Thursday afternoon break is a big hit! It lasts for
ONE HOUR in both exhibit halls and offers sweet and cool treats for conference participants.
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor receives a table near the break for promotional materials
  • Sponsor logo printed on event tickets if confirmed by July 5

Audience: ~750 guests will attend!

Contribution: $3,000
Sometimes a phone or tablet screen just isn’t large enough to do what you need to do! MACo provides 6 internet-connected laptop computers and 2 printers for attendees to check their email or do other business on-site at the Convention Center. 
Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Sponsor logo displayed on background of computer screens
  • Sponsor website set as homepage of internet browsers
  • Signage placed near Cyber Cafe

Audience: Hundreds will stop by to check emails or print materials!

Contribution: $2,000
Interested in Other Options?
  • Crab Feast
  • Taste of Maryland Reception
  • Kids' Event
  • Golf Tournament
  • Early Bird Attendee Prizes
  • Program Ads
  • AND MORE in the Sponsor Brochure
"Winds of Change"
The theme this year is “Winds of Change” and will focus on the changes being seen at every level of government and constituent services and how counties are harnessing that momentum for the good of all Marylanders. From the digital revolution of service delivery and communication to the always evolving threats to public safety, county governments need to be on the cutting edge of these changing times to meet the needs of their residents. Topics will include transforming approaches to economic trends, climate change, land use, millennials in the workforce, and education, among many others.