Summer 2020
Name Dropping
Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Congratulations to U.S. Gain for becoming the largest supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG) to Oregon’s transportation and energy markets. RNG offers significant greenhouse gas and air pollutant emission reductions improving the environment for all of us.

Mark Walter, Brown County Resource Recovery Business Director, has been sharing his expertise with a number of national publications. He was interviewed for an August community spotlight in Resource Recycling; was interviewed by Recycling Today for its September issue; and provided editorial content for Waste Advantage.

Get ready to travel! Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB ) is creating a whole new level of clean! The airport has implemented expansive new cleaning procedures to make sure staff and passengers are healthy and feel safe when flying. This includes things such as staff dedicated to continuous sanitizing of high-touch areas, using high tech equipment and processes including self-cleaning escalator handles, touchless hand sanitizers and PPE kits which are available in vending machines on the concourses.

Congratulations to the first Advocate class for CASA of Western Wisconsin! The organization launched in February and is located in Barron. It is the Wisconsin CASA Association’s ninth local CASA program. 

The I-39/90 Expansion Project reached another milestone with the opening of the Interstate’s new northbound collector-distributor (C/D) lane system in Janesville. The 45-mile project to expand I-39/90 between Madison and Beloit will be complete in fall 2021. 

Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management was the presenting sponsor for Rays OFF the Runway. The one-of-a-kind virtual auction featured many great items from the Tampa Bay Rays players and their significant others with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Dream Fund. 
Quick Quote

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

-James Humes

Connecting with Your Stakeholders --
More Important than Ever

We live and work in a fast-paced communication world that continues to evolve, even more so in the past few months as we maneuver through a global pandemic. It’s now more important than ever to engage with your stakeholders and adapt to the current situation. 

When it comes to stakeholder engagement, consider the following:

Know your stakeholders - It should be relatively easy to identify the internal and external stakeholders for your business or organization. It’s also important to look a bit more carefully at those individuals or groups to determine their interest level and their level of peer influence.

Define your purpose - Having a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to communicate helps to make the stakeholder engagement process more effective. Do you want to hear from your customers on ways to improve service delivery given the many changes that have occurred in our communities? Is the focus on a new product and how it will be accepted?

Develop your approach - With social distancing and other limitations in place, you may need to shift the way you engage. Consider digital options, such as online surveys or other social media opportunities.

Listen with an open mind - If you’re going to take the time to reach out to your stakeholder audience and ask for input, be sure that it counts for something. Be willing explore new ideas and suggestions.

As changes continue, it is essential – and probably more challenging – to stay engaged with your stakeholders. But it should remain a top priority. 
What Does Your evite
Look Like?

While printed invitations are nice and stand out from the crowd (especially if they’re hand addressed with a live stamp); more of us are moving to electronic invitations (evites) for a variety of reasons. But if you think you can simply throw a few sentences into the body of an email and call it a day, you’re going to be disappointed with the response. 

Visuals are king
If the evite is going to be the body of your email, you can make it much more interesting by adding graphic elements. There are a number of free graphics programs, like Canva, that can be of great help. Just don’t get carried away. Make sure your copy is brief and engaging. Keep in mind, your evite may be viewed on a cell phone, so size it appropriately. And don’t forget the subject line; it should also be interesting and specific. 

Electronic invitations
Not feeling creative or don’t have the time to create something from scratch? There are plenty of low cost or no cost electronic invitation platforms and websites. They make it easy to tailor the invitation to the event; offering great graphics and formats. In some cases, the evites are animated and engaging, with the reader clicking on an “envelope” which opens to reveal the invitation. A bonus: you can usually distribute right from the site you use and track responses.

Whatever option you choose, make sure it stands out. Everything in life evolves, and that’s certainly true of electronic invitations.
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