Check out our  2017 year-end video. It includes a montage of photos and videos from all of our 2017 programs, including a line dance!  Please watch and support this work by donating to gs before the end of 2017.
Dear gs community, 
This year has had a lion's share of challenges. The Muslim Bans and mass deportations, the extreme climate disasters, and the emboldened rise white supremacy, to name a few, all point us to the need for powerful and transformative responses to these threats. In this context, the generative somatics (gs) leadership is especially grateful to be in community with students, teachers, partners, donors, and funders like you. 
Our emotional responses to these challenges - feelings of grief, rage, fear - are normal given what we're facing. Folks that come through our programs share that Somatics - embodied leadership development and trauma healing - supports us to connect with ourselves and others in those emotions. It allows us to also feel our collective aliveness.  Together, we stay connected through challenges, conflict, and breakdowns. We stay committed to our longings and visions with possibility, courage, and power. With our communities and our movements, we stay solid and loving in the face of these storms.
Somatics is needed in social and environmental justice movements.  Please contribute so gs can continue to make this work more accessible to leaders on the frontlines. 

Check out our 2017 year-end video -- featuring brilliant reflections by gs teachers, partners and students, along with a 2017 photo montage!
So many of you contribute to gs in significant ways that make this work possible.  You bring all of yourselves, you take risks, show courage, and do the hard work of healing and transformation. You also contribute financial resources - travel costs, course fees, and donations. Thank you. 
We ask you to please consider making one more contribution before the end of 2017.  We need the support of our entire community, so we can enter 2018 strong, and sustainably implement our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities. If you've considered becoming a monthly donor, please sign up today. If you can make a one-time donation, no amount is too small to have an impact.
With gratitude and wishes for a hopeful 2018,
Staci, Chris and Danielle on behalf of the entire gs staff team.

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