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Connected Riding Newsletter
A word from Peggy

Dear Connected Riders,
What are the lessons in these times? There is Covid pandemic, wildfires with deadly smoke in the air, weather abnormalities, financial stress, “social” and physical distancing, fear, separation, depression. 
On the other side, we have more communication through Zoom, families, neighbors, friends – old and new, and communities coming together to help each other. More people are voicing their opinions, signing up to vote, and committed to positive change. 
In the U.S.A., we are facing an election in a very divided nation. Recently, we lost a great pioneer, our Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which has caused additional concern about the future of our democracy.  As she said, she had personally been through very difficult times when the world was also going through trauma. And yet, she kept her eyes on the “prize” –the hope for positive change, one step at a time while enduring many losses along the way. She refused to quit. She turned away from criticism and lack of acceptance and kept moving forward anyway. Now, as we look back on her life, we understand how much she accomplished in spite of all the setbacks.
 As the creator of Connected Riding, I have the utmost respect and admiration for this wonderful woman. I have looked to her for inspiration and support for continuing my mission and belief that change is possible in the world of horses and riders, one step at a time, one person at a time. I have experienced dissension, disappointment, and setbacks with the feeling that I was not accomplishing enough. Recently, as I went through some boxes of Connected writing materials of things that we have done through the years, I saw how much that had actually been accomplished. And, I also realized that real progress doesn’t happen without mistakes along the way– this is how learning, growth, and change happen. This is why I and we in Connected Riding teach what we teach. We know that in order to learn, we have to try and stumble or fail, and try again until we “get it” – one more tiny step of Connection within ourselves and with our horses. I still have my eyes on the prize, that Connected Riding continues building a strong foundation of riding education for the future.  I am proud of this work, the people who teach it, and this mission to serve horses and riders in a better way. 
As I have said many times, the horses are mirrors to our souls– to who we truly are. My deepest wish for us all is that we continue to listen and learn from the lessons the horses bring to us through their being.
Peggy Cummings
Editors' Note

Another issue is done! Again and again we are thrilled how Peggy's work and vision transforms people and horses while growing a community of horse lovers who are becoming an active part for positive change in the horse world.
We invite you to share your Connected "Oh Really" moments with your horses! Please send them along with a photo so we can share at crnewsletterdusa@gmail.com

Thanks! Your CR Newsletter Editors and Contributors:
Christina Dietmann, Joan Thompson,
Stephanie Jacobson, Sandy Weller,
Susan Cook, Relana Beck, Trudy Affleck
SCRT 100 Course
Explore or review the core of Connected Riding
This course is geared to riders who either wish to review and refresh their Connected Riding skills or for riders who are new to the CR work. This course is a 2 or 3 day riding clinic that covers the overall scope of our method which includes CR theory, a course booklet of reminders, and lots of hands-on learning about rider posture, Connected groundwork with horses, and synchronizing with your horse in Connection under saddle! Class size is small and tailor-made for focused learning for you and your horse.
Contact one of our Connected Riding® instructors below to inquire about an upcoming course in your area.

For more information about the SCRT100 in your area Click HERE
Annie's story told by Peggy

The first time I met Annie I was really drawn to her. Her owner had rescued her from a kill pen in Oklahoma.
Read more here

Connected Riding clinic for endurance riders - an article by Peggy Cummings

In October I had the joy of working with nine very interested and dedicated endurance riders. Eight of them were new to Connected Riding. Sandy Weller was my assistant. Our hostess, Naomi Preston, is an international competitor and has had two horses qualify for the National Endurance Hall of Fame. She has ridden with me off and on for many years. Her farm was a perfect setting for the event and the weather was great. The clinic was extra special because of Naomi’s enthusiasm, organization and welcome.
Read the whole article HERE
Connected Riding Worldwide
Connected Riding
United Kingdom
Welcome In!  
Connected Riding Instructor, Hayley Howells, has been extending a warm welcome to riders in her area to come and sample some of the ways Connection and Connected Riding concepts add function and depth to the way they approach their horses and riding.
She offers a “play day” to local riders who were seeking support in their riding – looking for some new ideas, tools. Hayley said, these riders “are struggling and searching for something else. They know they are having trouble with what they are doing with their horses. Nothing in what they are doing has been helping them change for the better, they feel stuck. Each person has a horse that has a different problem – all being told something different that wasn’t working for the positive for them and their horses.”

“What amazed me”, said Hayley,” is that over half of the group called about their horse before the session because they were worried if their horse would fit in, etc.– did they have the “right horse” and other such concerns.  I reassured them that my place is a no-judgement zone and I will help them without comparing anyone (including horses!) to others.” Safety in learning is the first value of Connected Riding.

A lovely mixed group of riders with differing expertise and disciplines came to Hayley’s to try some new riding concepts. Hayley gave them a demonstration of what it’s like to be a horse in and out of balance by having them join her on their hands and knees to feel the challenges in finding balance and forward movement. Then she took them to their horses for an eyes-closed lesson to learn more about their balance and position, too.

By the end of the day, here’s how the rider’s felt about the experience:
What Hayley says she loves the most about introducing Connected Riding to newcomers is seeing the aha’ moments and the light bulbs turn on as the riders feel the freedom with the look of amazement as they ask ‘why hasn’t someone told me this before?!’
Some of you readers may fondly remember your introduction and first “AHA” to Connected Riding with Peggy Cummings or one of our other instructors– amazing, eh?
Hayley Howells is from Monmouth, South Wales, U.K. and works from her riding center, 
Redbrook Connected Riding Center

Connected Riding Germany

Our German group of practitioners and practitioners in training share their case studies and current Connected Riding work in Germany in the German newsletter. Click on the link to get to the German newsletter: HERE

Connected Riding Instructor
Petra Sackschewski

Klick HIER, um zum deutschen Newsletter zu gelangen.
Connected Riding Exercise
Rope Walking

Rope Walking offers immediate feedback for finding and maintaining neutral posture while moving. It gives you a clear sense of how the motion from the horse travels through your body. You will notice you are either walking in sync or bracing against the ropes.
Stand with the ropes placed beneath and just behind the balls of the feet, where the stirrups would be if you were riding as shown in the pictures. Slide your femurs back into neutral position by softening your knees and doing Crease Release. Connect to the ropes by Thinking Up Through The Wrists, like you would if you were lifting weelbarrow handles while imagining you are holding the reins. Stride out, maintaining an even connection on the ropes to your feet.
(Excerpt from: Connect with your horse from the saddle, by Peggy Cummings)
Connected Riding Dates

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Peggy is offering more online learning opportunities via Zoom. If there is a topic, a question, or a review that you would find of interest, please contact us at info@connectedriding.com, and we will do our best to create an online event to meet your needs. We will be posting a list of new offerings for the beginning of 2021.

Peggy will be teaching in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, the U.K., Germany, and Spain next year assuming travel is open. We hope to hear your requests beforehand!
Connected Riding Shop
Peggy Cummings has written several books about Connected Riding, has created custom made CR halters to support your horse as well as items that she recommends to have in your tool box.
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