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Connected Riding Newsletter
A word from Peggy

Dear Connected Riders,

Happy Springtime, Everyone!
Spring is here with its range of weather moods; horses are fresh, and we riders are “chomping at the bit” to get back into more consistent riding again! 

I began my Spring riding by going to Spain and working with our instructor, Melin Farriols and her students. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to ride and play with horses I have known over the years. 

Spring tune-up
It’s always critical to begin by toning your horse’s back, giving each animal a chance to prepare for weight-bearing under saddle.  Using Connected Groundwork exercises that lift the base, shift forehand weight backwards, and engage the hind legs will serve to make for a much more effective beginning for both you and your horse. Whether it’s a hack on the trail or arena work just like us, horses need to ease into the riding season. It’s important pay attention to how they are starting out and what their needs are. Do they need standing still exercises to warm up, work in hand? When are they ready for Connected work on the line (Connected lunging)?  Start off easy, consistently, and build over the weeks, noticing their respiration, soreness or stiffness, and readiness for work. It won’t be long before you’re both back in the swing!

New projects
I’m completing 2 new CR clinic notebooks for work that will be taught by our CR instructors. We’re getting great feedback about our SCR 100. I am also beginning a new project of translating the CR method for upper-level horses and more advanced riders. 
If you are in this category, please send me a note, and tell me what your needs and interests are as I create this booklet and riding clinics at 2nd level and above. This has been a long-standing wish of mine to serve the folks who have horses who are further along in their training level and support riders to stay connected as they do more advanced movements. Many times, these are the movements and the opportunities that get sacrificed by conventional methods, and horses and their riders begin losing the brilliance and ease of movement they once had– hard work and bracing seep in. Contact me with your wish lists at info@connectedriding.com  - subject heading: advanced CR wishes

I am focusing on riding clinics and instructor training over the next 2 months and would love to meet up with you during this riding season. Let us know how we can help you have the best riding season ever!
Meet Up with Connected Riding® in 2022

Riding Clinics with Peggy and her Instructors in the US and Europe are back!!

Calling all Endurance Riders! CR Endurance Riding Clinics forming in the US and in Germany.

Click here if you want Peggy or her Instructors to offer a CR demonstration in your area!

Click here to Notify us if there is a horse expo in your area where you want Connected Riding to be represented.

Help us spread the word about the Power of Connection!

The School of Connected Riding is actively recruiting people who are interested in becoming Connected Groundwork coaches and riding instructors who are interested in the method and would like to be trained to join our teaching team.

Connected Riding Worldwide
Peggy Cummings

Please contact Organizers Below to sign up for
open spots today:

(Additional Demo & Lessons Contact Vanda for schedule)

14-20 June
Contact Kay for schedule

07-13 June
Lesson Days with Peggy Cummings
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SCR 100 Courses

This is an introductory course geared towards riders who want to grasp the overall scope of Connected Riding and learn the beginning concepts and vocabulary of Connected Riding. The goal of the 100 course is for you to learn and apply Connection and neutral posture to your groundwork and riding skills with a new understanding.

Includes A Training Booklet
United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain
UK - open dates with CR Instructor Hayley Howells
Spain - open dates with CR Instructor Melin Farriols

Netherlands - open dates with CR Instructor Vanda Oosterhuis
MAY 14-15, 2022
Auditors Welcome

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of the method as well as a
review for people who are already connected riders.

Where else can we meet, greet, and improve your riding seat?

Online lessons and courses are available with Peggy Cummings
and CR Instructors.

Contact us at info@connectedriding.com with your needs and interests and we’ll “meet up” with you!
Connected Riding Germany

SCR100 courses – open dates
SCRT101 - Instructor Education Course - Sign ups have begun Click Here

Connected Riding North America

Did you know Instructors will travel to you.

Contact an instructor directly today for more information, to form your own clinic, course or to receive private lessons.

Instructors are always on the road and could be coming to your area.

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Happening Areas:
Ongoing Events
Online lessons and courses are available with
Peggy Cummings and CR Instructors.
Contact us at info@connectedriding.com with your needs and interests and we’ll “meet up” with you!
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