When Peggy asked if I could talk a bit about what I am integrating from the online lessons with her, I thought to myself "how am I going to put this new other world awareness of sensations of my body into words without diminishing or trivializing what is happening?". Her way of bribing my body into a place of balance and ease, of knowing when and how to make just right adjustments, changes that often feel as minute as rabbit hair, but make a world of change in the movement of my mare. Using gentle comparisons between how I am used to operating with a much
more efficient ways of moving reveals to my nervous system new ways to communicate with my horse with much more ease. Every word is based in encouragement and full of grace and kindness allowing my body and mind to release tension and resistances that may be blocking a healtier way of moving together with my horse. I find this work is so full of grace (that) it spills over into my daily practice helping me to move and communicate in a more refined balance, helping me better help my students, my horses, and my friends. Thank you Peggy!