Dr. Worsley's Wise Words
I remember growing up in eastern North Carolina on our family farm summer was my favorite season and, as I recall, it went by entirely too fast. As I reflect and look in my proverbial rearview mirror, I can see a little boy with blue shorts, superman t-shirt, colorful tube socks and his play shoes running across the watermelon patch in search of the biggest one there. Once it was found he enlisted the help of his cousin to help carry it. I'm not sure if this holds true for you, but when I reminisce I can still smell the freshness of the watermelon, taste its juicy texture and I can still see a multigenerational family enjoying that watermelon under the shade of the pecan tree.
As summer 2021 comes to an end, Chesterfield County has offered many amazing experiences to the community as we grow stronger and work together to defeat COVID-19 by encouraging everyone, that is eligible, to get vaccinated. This summer has been filled with hope and great expectations. Thousands experienced the largest 4th of July fireworks celebration in recent history that was spearheaded by the Parks and Recreation Department, in addition to their Festival de Música which celebrated Hispanic and Latino cultures and superior summer camp programs for youth. Citizen Information & Resources have been working hard to plan the SPICE Festival that takes place on August 13th and 14th at the Perkinson Center for the Arts & Education, which will certainly be a memory that you and your family will reminisce about in future years. 
On behalf of the Human Services Division of Chesterfield County, our most precious memory is that of our colleague, Dr. Thelma B. Watson, who passed unexpectedly this summer. In addition, we dedicate this August Issue of Connected & Caring to her memory and her dedication to service and the uplifting of humanity, especially senior citizens. Dr. Watson was the Executive Director of Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging. 
Upcoming Events
Join us at the first Chesterfield County Farmers Market Youth Day on August 18! In addition to the typical farmers market there will be youth vendors set up to sell their handcrafted items. Come out and support Chesterfield's young crafters!
Come out to the Perkinson Center for the Arts and Education on August 13 and 14 for the inaugural Chesterfield Sharing Practices of International Cultures through Engagement (SPICE) Cultural Festival, a free community event celebrating diversity and multiculturalism through the arts! Learn more at the event page.
Juvenile Justice Services
Summer Enrichment Program Provides Tons of Fun!
The beginning of August always wraps up the Detention Home’s Summer Enrichment Program. When educational staff are gone for their summer break, detention staff take over the month of July and plan both fun and educational activities for the kids in detention. Each year we partner with great organizations both within Chesterfield County Government and with local organizations as well. This year was no different.

Chesterfield County Public Libraries led a book club with the book Holes. A big thank you to Cindy Arnold, Jackie Downs, Joan Dunlap, John Durvin, Barbara Ferrara, Jessica Gonzalez, Julie Grimes, Jess Harshbarger, MJ Jones, Maegan Poad, Sara Mueller, Tianna Shaw, Ruth Stubbs, Danielle Tarullo, and Pam White. Another big thank you to Eric Faw and Rebecca Lint from Chesterfield Mental Health’s Prevention Services who taught our residents the “5 Bridges to Wellness” program.

Many detention home employees also ran sessions with residents. Mr. Smith and Mr. Royal hosted a two-day pickleball tournament, Mr. Pope taught DJ lessons, Mr. Henderson held a creative writing class, Mr. Page taught a class on how to tie ties, and numerous staff led cooking demonstrations including Ms. Brown, Ms. McCook, Mr. Belfield, Ms. McFarland, and Ms. Kelley.

Many outside individuals and organizations were able to participate as well. Conscious Capitalists spent lots of time educating residents on financial responsibility and entrepreneurship, while also mixing in some basketball skill building. Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Virginia also brought their positivity and mentoring skills to share with residents. Two former residents returned to detention to share their stories and successes. Nigel Fennell, now a professional boxer in California, used his life experiences to show kids that hard work, determination, and sacrifice leads to success. Nigel is currently 11-0 as a professional boxer. George Sanders, owner of Itz Lit Game Truck, talked about what it takes to start your own business and the kids were able to take full advantage of having a game truck on-site.

Thank you to all our county and local partners who spent time with our kids for their summer enrichment!
Chesterfield County Public Library's book club
Chesterfield County Public Library's book club
Chesterfield County Mental Health Support Services' "5 Bridges to Wellness"
Chesterfield County Mental Health Support Services' "5 Bridges to Wellness"
Pickleball with Mr. Smith
Pickleball with Mr. Royal
DJ lessons with Mr. Pope
Cooking demonstration with Ms. Brown and Ms. McCook
Conscious Capitalists
Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Virginia
Nigel Fennell
George Sanders and the Itz Lit Game Truck
PAL Bowling League Builds Relationships
The Chesterfield Police Athletic League’s Summer Bowling League is a fun way for the Chesterfield County Police Department to connect with the community. Residents of Chesterfield Detention Home’s Post-Dispositional Program (pictured in green polos) received an excellent opportunity to participate in this summer’s league, held weekly at Uptown Alley. This opportunity afforded our residents not only the chance to engage in a positive community activity but also to build relationships with local law enforcement. Much coordination and work from so many went into this event. We would like to thank Chief Katz and his leadership team, PAL Coordinator Brandon “Nick” Barndt and the entire Chesterfield Police Athletic League, as well as the following PAL Board Members for their support: Chris Winslow (Chesterfield Board of Supervisors Member), Dr. James Worsley (Deputy County Administrator), and Kelly Fried (Executive Director for Chesterfield’s Community Services Board).
Wellness Corner
The Heat is On!
As the temperatures are rising so are the chances of heat related deaths. Even when the temperature outside doesn't seem that high, the temperature inside a vehicle rises quickly. Heat-related deaths are preventable!
Follow these tips to keep your kids safe from vehicle heatstroke:
·        Put a toy upfront as a reminder.
·        Put something you need in the back seat.
·        Remember to "look before you lock!"
And remember, don't leave pets in the car either!
Nonprofit Notes
SAARA of Virginia, in partnership with The Department of Behavioral Health & Disability Services’ Office of Recovery Services, has announced a Recovery Month 2021 Grant to support new and existing events and activities that engage the community in the celebration of National Recovery Month. Please complete a short application to be considered.
Homeward has been working on a homeless census count. The data is currently available.
United Way’s Equity Data Series uses the Indicators of Community Strength to identify inequities across our region through the lens of the Steps to Success framework. 

Literacy kit volunteer opportunities are currently available as is the SourceRX prescription discount card.
Chesterfield Food Bank provides one million meals for families, seniors and individuals in Chesterfield County every month. On July 22, 2021 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated 40,000 pounds of shelf-stable food to the Chesterfield Food Bank.
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