Studies have shown that while kindness has a positive impact on the recipient, it also benefits the giver. "Performing simple acts of kindness can do everything from improve your mental health to relieve physical pain, according to a body of scientific research. What’s more, our kind deeds influence many more people than we anticipate. One Californian study showed being kind to one person often benefits dozens more, making ‘heal the world’ more than just a cliche." Read more about the health benefits of kindness in Healthy Magazine.

Chesterfield County wants to celebrate the big and small kindnesses in our community. Whether it’s paying it forward in the coffee shop line, or having kindness shown from a friend or stranger, stories of #CfieldKindness can spread far and wide. This initiative is focused on celebrating all of the thoughtful things citizens are already doing for each other while also encouraging you to go out and do something kind for a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker or even someone you have never met before. Share your kindness story with us!