Creating Connections to Curriculum w/ Arts Integrated Programming! 
At Beatin' Path Rhythm Events, we have over 15 years experience in producing exciting educational experiences for students, K-12, through the power of rhythm!  

Our programs connect a student with his/her curriculum in the areas of literacy, world culture, science and character education.  Whether a large assembly, an educational drum circle or a more intimate, hands-on workshop, students are introduced to the exciting possibilities that open up through the creative process and are encouraged to explore imagination in their own day-to-day learning!  

We invite you to take a look at our "programs at a glimpse" offered below and let us know if you have any questions - 

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Storytelling, Literacy & Character Education! 
Drumming Up the Stories!
This assembly style program features world folk tales, storytelling/literacy concepts and cultural based lessons presented through high energy rhythm and song!  Along the way, students are encouraged to tap into their own imagination to create their own unique, personal story!  
* Assembly, K-5

Rhythm 'n Reading! du audience

Kindergartners learn about character, setting, sequencing and retelling in this fun-filled journey of storytelling and hands-on rhythm making!  This 8 week program is designed to build comprehensive understanding of the retelling process and confidence in students as they build their own storytelling skills!
* 8 Session Artist in Residency, K   

Boom Boom Better Up! 
Character Education takes center stage in this fun-filled, hands-on program!  Each student is given a Boomwhacker (a musical plastic tube) upon entering the program and the group is guided through a rhythm based experience that places a strong emphasis on awareness, responsibility and appreciation. Students are encouraged to become more proactive members in their community, taught skills to help them better communicate with their peers and inspired to become come conscious in their everyday choices!
* Assembly, K-5

Sound & Science! 
Hey! What's that Sound?  Hey! Show - Arms Out Wide!
Explore sound & science concepts through engaging demonstration, intriguing show & tell and world music performance!  Key concepts include energy, vibration, pitch, volume, frequency, amplitude, environmental resources and chain reaction. 
* Assembly, K-5

Pop, Zing, BOOM! 
A hands-on, interactive discovery of environmental resources, sound & science principals and world music!
This program is designed as a 1-5 day residency for smaller groups from one or more specific grade levels or the entire school!  
* Workshop/Residency, K-8

This world percussion/multi-media experience captures young audiences through drumming, song and interaction!  Students learn how rhythm is used around the world as a tool for communication, for bringing communities closer together, and for celebrating important life events!
(History, Culture, Geography, Language)
* Assembly, K-12
Share the Beat!
An educational drum circle that puts an instrument in every student's hand as they are guided through interactive lessons of community, culture and collaboration!  Whether celebrating a 5th grade graduation or preparing students for an upcoming exam, these programs are easily customized for maximum student impact!
* Drum Circle Program, K-12

Artist in Residency Programs
Offer your students an experience with greater focus and impact!  We work with you to design an extended, 3-5 day program that will provide your students a hands-on, interactive rhythm making experience they will never forget! 
* Residency, K-8

The Rhythm of a Culture!  
Culture, history and geography are celebrated in this hands-on presentation. Each student is provided an instrument and guided through a 'rhythm based experience.'  Along the way, they'll be introduced to one-of-the kind instruments, learn a world folk song and discover cultural connections through the drumming experience! 
* Workshop, 4-7

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