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I hear it all the time, but it's not really true...


Folks tell me they don't feel connected to their ancestors, or if they do, the communication from them doesn't seem clear.


Here's the truth...


Whether you feel connected or not, you are connected. And whether you feel like they're communicating or not, they are communicating clearly.


But they need you to pay close attention because spirit communication is often very subtle.


So, if you're not paying attention you're gonna miss out. And that's too bad because:

  1. They have your back and truly want to help you.
  2. Their guidance can help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  3. They might be trying to warn you of something or someone.
How do ancestors speak to you? 

Well, it's infinite. There are truly no limitations. The ancestors are practical folks and will choose any method that they feel will work for you.

It can happen through dreams, visions, inspiration, intuition, feelings. They can even guide you to read a certain book, or they can choose to deliver a message through someone that you know and respect.

Do you know that some of the ideas that you've been thinking about recently are not really your own? They originate with the ancestors; they can impress thoughts in your mind; they do it all the time.

How can YOU attune yourself to their messages?  

Well, there's no right or wrong way to do it. The short answer is that anything that helps you to relax or get into a receptive state of mind will help.

For some, this might mean setting time aside for daily meditation, or prayer. For others, it might mean reading inspirational books, writing, listening to music, or even gardening.

Do whatever works for you...


Why is it often hard to detect the presence of your loved ones in Spirit around you?


It's because the connection is so good. It's as though they have merged with you, and you are operating as one unit. 


Believe it or not, your connection with your ancestors is all that you've ever known.  It's like a fish surrounded by water at all times.


Now, the fish might not be thinking about the water, but sure enough the water is always there.


Same thing with the ancestors...


Just know that as much as you might want to connect with your ancestors, they are also eager to connect with you.




So that you realize that death is an illusion and love never dies...


So that you can move forward and live from a place of authenticity, power and purpose instead of fear...


So that you can live your best life on earth while there's still time.


Just go for it...


May the ancestors bless you from the east, the west, the north and the south.




James Weeks


Producer/Across The King's River



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Save 10% on your next spiritual reading