December 22, 2021
Living Shoreline Project Completed on Woodring Road for Mangrove Restoration

SCCF, with the aid of hard-working SCCF Coastal Watch volunteers, recently finished installing a submerged, biodegradable structure along Woodring Road. The structure will encourage the growth of an oyster reef and mangroves to protect the shoreline along the road from erosion. The material for the structures was provided by Netherlands-based BESE Products. These structures are expected to last up to five years. This technique is a promising alternative for future restoration projects. READ MORE
Sickened Shorebirds Being Investigated

SCCF staff and partners in the region have recently encountered numerous sick and dead birds in Lee and Collier counties. The majority of these birds have been gulls and terns, especially Sandwich (Thalasseus sandvicensis) and common (Sterna hirundo) terns. If you see a sick bird on the beach, please call the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) at 239-472-3644. CROW is having some of the deceased birds necropsied to determine the cause of death. READ MORE
Fresh Greens for Green Turtles

The SCCF Marine Laboratory recently assisted the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) with nourishing sick green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) by providing fresh tape grass and naiads grown in the lab’s freshwater tanks. The naiads (submersed plants) and tape grass were eagerly consumed by a 50-pound green turtle suspected of suffering from toxicosis. The greens “made a huge difference” and the turtle’s mental activity “significantly improved.” READ MORE
Ryan Scott Performing for January SCCF Pine Island Sounds Cruise

Ryan Scott, a Brooklyn-based guitarist and soul singer, will be the featured musical artist for the Pine Island Sounds sunset concert cruise on Sunday, Jan. 16. Space is limited so reserve your seat today: Pine Island Sounds Registration. The cruise is presented in partnership with the Marcums and Captiva Cruises, sailing 4 – 6pm. The cruise includes first drinks provided by Jack and Janie, a cash bar, and snacks Catering by Leslie Adams. READ MORE

SCCF Walking Tours Resume in January

Weekly, naturalist-guided walks at the Erick Lindblad Preserve and Bailey Homestead Preserve begin in January. At the Lindblad Preserve, participants will get an up-close look at the Sanibel Slough and rare plants. The Bailey Homestead walks will combine SCCF’s mission-driven work on the historic property, along with stories about its history. Suggested donation of $5; no registration is required. READ MORE
Weeds 'n' Seeds Botanical Walks Begin Jan. 3

Free, weekly botanical journeys organized by Weeds ‘n’ Seeds return on Jan. 3 with a visit to Sanibel Gardens. Each guided, two-hour walk will visit a different location on Sanibel. Pre-registration is required; group size is limited. Register for the Jan. 3 walk here. Note: Registration for each week's walk will open on the previous Tuesday at 8am. READ MORE
Meet the Natives: Winter Bloomers

Adding color to your landscape in the dry winter season can be a challenge, but three native plants will add color and fragrance to your landscape this time of year. Some are also favorites for birds and pollinators. Learn about sweet acacia (Vachellia farnesiana var. farnesiana), climbing aster (Symphyotrichum carolinianum), and saffron plum (Sideroxylon celastrinum). READ MORE
Climate Change Connections: Using Ocean Learning Interests as a Way into Deeper Conversations

SCCF Coastal Resilience Manager Carrie Schuman recently coauthored the study “Inland adult and child interest in the ocean” with a team of researchers from the University of Florida. Interest and learning in the ocean for both children and adults can become a bridge to more expansive conversation and longer-term engagement around pressing issues like climate change. READ MORE
Sanibel Captiva Trust Sponsors SCCF Magazine

The Sanibel Captiva Trust Company is serving as co-sponsor of SCCF’s magazine, Connecting You to Nature, now in its third issue. “We admired SCCF’s ingenuity in developing the magazine during the height of COVID in 2020-2021 and feel the content of the publication is of utmost importance to anyone who lives on or frequents our islands and their delicate ecosystem,” said Trust Company Founder and Chairman Al Hanser. READ MORE
ICYMI: Evening at the Homestead

December's installment of Evenings at the Homestead featured a farewell Champagne toast and presentation by outgoing SCCF CEO Ryan Orgera. During the presentation, he provided insight into SCCF’s accomplishments during his three-year tenure and where the organization is headed. He also explained the new ocean conservation organization he will be directing, which is funded by Oceans 5 and The Pew Charitable Trusts. Watch his farewell presentation here: VIDEO
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