Connecting the Dots--Finding Our Voices

Family Separations & Detention--What's Next in August?
As Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, we are longtime and active members of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC); a partnership of 50+ national faith groups that work consistently on faith responses to immigration and refugee challenges.

Please listen and see here for information from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition's recent Webinar which shared updates on family separation and how to take action to end family incarceration and separation. The webinar covered the new  Interfaith Toolkit to Engage Congress on Family Incarceration & Separation , and how faith communities can make their voices heard while Members of Congress are home NOW in August!
Be Inspired by These Disciples Voices--and Decide
How You're Called to Develop Your Own!
See youth leaders above from Hispanic Asamblea, held July 12-14 in Phoenix, who shared why they are against family separation--and consider how youth/young adults you know might raise your voices, too!

Watch this video from Faith in Public life, which includes our Disciples clergy sister Rev. Sekinah Hamlin's passionate voice against family separation and detention. (See Sekinah at Brownsville, TX. March, above at left.)

Develop your spirit through joining the daily prayers against family separation and detention with Saguaro Christian Church--and see how God may lead you to respond!

Check back often on our RIM website for resources for action!

Consider how you might join a border trip soon to develop your own voice of advocacy. Disciples have been invited to partner with the UCC's Southwest Conference from Aug. 26-30. Begin in Tucson, and engage on both sides of the border. See more here. From Sept. 6-9, pray about joining faith scholars, led by Dr. Miguel De la Torre and Disciples leader Dr. Peter Heltzel, in the "Cry From the Border" journey, beginning in El Paso. Interested? Contact: .
Top Five Actions You Can Take to Advocate in August

Here are the top 5 ways to take action during recess:
  1. Call Congress: Call 1-866-940-2439 three times to connect with your 2 Senators and 1 Representative.
  2. Share with your leaders a copy of our Disciples Sign On Against Family Separation & Detention, and Sign On if you have not yet!
  3. Visit your member of Congress’ office: Schedule a visit using the IIC Neighbor to Neighbor Visit Toolkit, or drop off materials.
  4. Engage with Town Halls and with candidates to ask what they are doing or will do to stop family separation and family detention.
  5. Write a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Editorial: Ask your member of Congress to support community-based alternatives to detention for families, asylum seekers, and immigrants.
See the Interfaith Toolkit for More Help!
Want to learn more about ICE? How it can impact a congregation?
Read here in Christian Century.
Thank you for helping protect the lives of refugees & immigrants. the lives of those in our community.

Sincerely, Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries