May 2019
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Marigolds help a garden community
through relationships!
Please join the South Central STEM Hub at Drake University for the STEM Open House Lunch & Learn to meet other marigolds in the STEM community. Connect with business, higher education, K-12 education, parents, and informal educators who all share an interest in growing relationships that support youth STEM interest and achievement.
Come to network, share a meal, and be inspired.

Guests encouraged; there is an opportunity to register a friend or colleague below.

DATE:  Wednesday, June 12, 2019
TIME:  11am-1pm, come and go as needed
LOCATION:  Drake University

Informal remarks at noon by:
  • Janet McMahill, Drake University
  • Mary Bontrager, Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Kim Wayne, Siegwerk Co. & Jewels Academy
  • Sarah Derry, SC STEM Hub Manager

Dream Big:
The STEM Advisory Council is now accepting applications for the STEM BEST® Program through September 13, 2019.    A total of 50 STEM BEST® Programs have been awarded throughout Iowa over the past five years. These programs are now creating new excitement around the state as roles and responsibilities for meaningful activities are created and refined in the K-12 educational area. Further details on these awarded programs can be found at .
Program Goal
The goal of STEM BEST® Program is to unite educators and employers to expand the learning continuum from school to careers. The STEM Council has designated a portion of the state legislative funding to support the establishment of Iowa STEM BEST® Program models, preferably evenly distributed across each of Iowa's six STEM regions. Successful applicants will become an Iowa STEM BEST® Program model of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council.
A hallmark of Iowa STEM education is the connection of classroom learning to meaning beyond the school walls. Overarching guidelines are provided to assist proposers, though ample flexibility in design is encouraged to support organic development of STEM BEST® Programs which match local strengths, challenges and resources. STEM BEST® Program models are open to public and private K-12 schools. Past STEM BEST® Program award recipients are eligible to apply for expanding current programs.

Funding Guidelines
Recipients receive $25,000 and must provide a 1:1 match, up to $25,000. The match may be either cash and/or in-kind support. The match may be contributed by the applicant or a community partner. To be eligible as match, the cash and/or in-kind contribution must be provided during the funding period of the STEM BEST® Program grant.

Start Today!
The Request For Proposals (RFP) is posted at .  To learn more about the program or to brainstorm how your school can create a successful STEM BEST program, email Dr. Sarah Derry at .
Who Can Supervise Work-Based Programs?
The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners established guidelines for licensing teachers who oversee work-based experiences. Click to visit the complete guidelines.

Work-based Learning/ Internship supervision: Fully-licensed teachers supervising internship students across multiple career fields (MOC Endorsement) 13.28(33) Multioccupations.

a. Completion of any 5-12 endorsement and, in addition thereto, coursework in foundations of career and technical education and coordination of cooperative programs, and work experience which meets one of the following:

  1. Four thousand hours of career and technical experience in two or more careers; or
  2. One thousand hours of work experience or externships in two or more careers and two or more years of teaching experience at the PK-12 level.

b. The multioccupations endorsement also authorizes the holder to supervise students in cooperative programs, work-based learning programs, and similar programs in which the student is placed in school-sponsored, on-the-job situations.

Note: any teacher may supervise a student internship within their own endorsement area(s).

Questions? Please contact the Hub or Dr. Anne Lebo , Executive Director, Iowa State Board of Educational Examiners.
Central Campus Event: STEM BEST Gives Back
As a STEM BEST recipient, Central Campus has served as a pilot program and mentor school for districts across the state.

This year, part of their proposal included a teacher professional development opportunity. This is a hands-on workshop for educators who want additional resources while studying the brain and nervous system. Plus, you get a free lunch!
Innovation Funds Jump-start ICEC Game Jam
This spring, Iowa students in grades 3-8 were challenged to develop games that help people learn about water resources, conservation and quality in Iowa. The competition was sponsored by the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition through an Iowa STEM Innovation Fund Grant. The competition allowed the students to design analog games (card games, board games, role playing games) or digital games for a variety or target audiences. Games are increasingly used in educational and other settings to help inspire curiosity, creativity, collaboration, optimism, and problem-solving skills.  

Each team of students developed a 2-minute video demonstration of their prototype for review by water and game experts. 86 game submissions were judged according to age group and game type and whether they help people better understand local water resources. The winners will play test their games during Family Night at the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) on May 10. The event is open to the public. Click HERE for a complete list of winners.

Thank you to Peggy Steffen, NOS Education Coordinator , for submitting this article. If you'd like information on Innovation Funds, please visit the Iowa STEM website.
World Food Prize's Youth Institute Earns Iowa STEM Council Seal of Approval
The World Food Prize Hall recently hosted an SC Regional Advisory Board Meeting. Pictured above: Sarah Derry, Jonathon Holman, Laura Williams, Kelsey Tyrrell, and Kari Henson.
This past year, the World Food Prize (WFP) Youth Institute was awarded an Iowa STEM Seal of Approval for their authentic, project-based learning program. Students in grades 8-12 write and present a paper that deals with global food security issues, all the while exploring majors and careers related to combating hunger and poverty.

The program's vision started years ago, as Iowa's Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Norman Borlaug, hoped to recognize and inspire people to continue his work in combating world hunger.

Through the Youth Institute, students meet with experts from around the world to learn more about a food security topic. Those who present automatically win a $500 scholarship to ISU. Top students are invited to apply for U.S. Department of Agriculture Wallace Carver Fellowships and Global Youth Institute International Internships.

According to Kelsey Tyrrell, Director of Youth Leadership Development, having the Seal of Approval is advantageous when it comes to seeking grant and external funding. “To have the STEM Council affiliated with the program helps lend credibility,” said Tyrrell. “The Iowa STEM Council receives recognition at a national level, so that can help as we apply and expand across the country.”

Information for next year's Youth Institute will release this summer on their website . In addition, the WFP seeks adult mentors to participate in their round-table learning activity. If you’d like to find out how to get involved, please click to contact Kelsey Tyrrell .

For more information about the STEM Seal of Approval, visit
In addition to the day-long Youth Institute , the World Food Prize offers many educational opportunities for K-12 students.

  1. All of the Youth Institute curriculum materials are free and available online for interested educators.
  2. In addition to classroom activities, WFP professionals are often available for school visits. They can also help you connect with area experts for guest/career day speakers.
  3. The WFP can help you set up a community-wide Oxfam Hunger Banquet, during which every participant draws a card and becomes that person for the duration of the meal.
  4. The WFP building, located in downtown Des Moines, is open to the public (see website for hours) and can accommodate school tours and host events.

Click to visit the World Food Prize website .
Advisory Board Members Sought
The SC STEM Hub's Advisory Board has current openings. Board members serve in the following ways:
  1. Attend monthly meetings.
  2. Make funding decisions.
  3. Set Hub goals.
  4. Represent the Hub at statewide events.
  5. Evaluate program applications.
  6. Volunteer at events and festivals.
  7. Speak for the Hub at gatherings.
  8. And more.

If you are called to serve Iowa preK-12 students, this might be just the opportunity you've been seeking. Spots are allocated to provide a balance of educators, community members, and industry leaders.

To learn more about the Hub and board, please visit our website . Questions? Please email Dr. Sarah Derry .
Thanks to SC STEM Hub's 2018-19 Advisory Board Members

  • Creighton Cox
  • Breanne Garrett
  • Nadilia Gomez
  • Mauree Haage
  • Kari Hansen
  • Jonathan Holmen
  • Ronda McCarthy
  • Alison Mohr
  • T.J. Myerholtz
  • Amber Pargmann
  • Laura Williams
Attention 2018-19 Scale-Up Educators:
Evaluations Due May 30, 2019
Two evaluation tasks are expected of all educators under the award agreement for the STEM Scale-Up Program through the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.

1) Educator Survey: The educator survey is to be completed at the end of the STEM Scale-Up Program. An email invitation with link to the educator survey will be sent to you in the Spring. This link is unique to you to help us direct reminder emails and to stop additional reminders once you have completed the survey.

2) Student Participant List: The student participant list is to be completed at the end of the STEM Scale-Up Program (access code is in the Excel Template).

Additional information and detailed instructions can be found in the one-page Overview at the link above.

Questions about the Educators Survey? Email Dr. Sarah Derry at . For a full overview of evaluation instructions, visit .
Want more STEM?
Calendar of Events

Scale-Up PD Calendar
June 11-14 & 17-21 CASE: Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Ankeny
June 10-14 -- CASE: Environmental Science Issues, Ankeny

Computer Science Discoveries
July 15-19 -- Computer Science Discoveries, Storm Lake
July 15-19 -- Computer Science Principles, Storm Lake

Engineer Your World
July 8 - 19 -- Engineer Your World, Iowa City

Light and Shadow
July 29 -- Light and Shadow, Grinnell
August 5 -- Light and Shadow, Bondurant
September 27 -- Light and Shadow, Grinnell
October 26 -- Light and Shadow, Bondurant

Making STEM Connections
July 30 -- Making STEM Connections, Des Moines
August 9 -- Making STEM Connections, Southeast Polk
September 17 -- Making STEM Connections, Des Moines

Pint Size Science
July 15 -- Pint Size Science, Ottumwa
August 1 -- Pint Size Science, Des Moines
September 10 -- Pint Size Science, Des Moines

STEM in Action
July 24 -- STEM in Action, Johnston

STEM Innovator
July 15-19 -- STEM Innovator, Iowa City

Other STEM Opportunities
June 10-13 -- ISU's Biotechnology Workshop I
June 11-12 -- K-8 Teaching Science Outdoors
June 12 -- Lunch & Learn (register above)
June 21-22 -- Enhancing Instruction, Farm to School Program

If you were awarded a Scale-Up and have questions regarding professional development, please email Dr. Sarah Derry.

For more events and details, please visit our website calendar .

If you're hosting STEM events, please send the details our way. We can add them to our calendar and social media. Email Dr. Sarah Derry with specifics.