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Welcome to our first FutureEd monthly update.

The past month has been a busy  one  f or our new think tank at Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy.  Our website launched March 2 with Sound and Fury blog posts, Connect the Dots graphics, FutureEd Index stats and lots of other content. 

With states preparing their ESSA school accountability plans, we've shared USC professor and  senior fellow Morgan Polikoff's thoughts on California's new approach, as well as research director Raegan Miller's ideas for using absence rates for teachers and students as a non-academic ESSA metric. We just posted an intriguing piece by Edunomics Lab director Marguerite Roza about the trove of school finance data that ESSA will bring us. 

We thought our readers would be interested in the background of  Trump White House education advisor Jason Botel , which we have compiled in a Connect the Dots feature. And we talked with NYU professor and  research advisor Stella Flores  about her soon-to-be-published research on the racial gap in college completion.

With President Trump releasing his "skinny budget" for fiscal year 2018, we've published an interview with Harvard professor and  research advisor Martin West on the spending plan, and we've parsed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's praise for a proposal that includes substantial cuts for her department. We also took a deep dive into the Indiana voucher program, which could provide lessons for Trump and DeVos as they pursue their private school choice agenda.

Recognizing that good teaching is central to a good education, we published pieces by author Paul Tough explaining how teachers add value beyond test scores and by senior fellow Steve Cantrell on the lessons he learned helping to lead the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's work on measuring teacher performance. 

Finally, our team is working with the Education Writers Association and Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy to get ready for EWA's 70th national conference, set for May 31 to June 2 at Georgetown. We hope to see many of you there.

We are pleased to be a solution-oriented source of sound analysis for policymakers, practitioners, and other education influencers, and we  are excited to work with you in the days ahead.

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