Special Edition - September 2021

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Pediatricians, Schools and Behavioral Health providers are very important in this village to support children with mental health needs and their families to connect to behavioral health services, and to collaborate with one another.

Connecticut is engaging in an effort to support and strengthen the relationships and communication among these child-serving sectors for the benefit of everyone involved.

What is Family Care Connections and
Why Family Care Connections now?

The pandemic has shifted our world in numerous ways, highlighting what we already knew: many children are experiencing behavioral health challenges that need to be identified early, treated effectively, and prevented if possible. Providers all around our state have made important strides to innovate and enhance connections to helpful behavioral health services. Communication is critical in coordinating services for families and this is where the Connecting to Care Initiative can help. Connecting to Care is working to support and strengthen the relationships and communication among the sectors serving children to ensure better care for them and their families.
Network of Care Managers are currently outreaching to school staff, pediatric primary care providers, and behavioral health providers in order to identify promising practices to improve collaborative care. The goal is to bring together local community-based behavioral health services with pediatric clinics and schools.

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