Celebrate Pride Month!
Fri June 24 at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Queering in the Wilderness, Queering the Land, Letting the Land Queer Us
Pulpit Guest: Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg
Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg will explore the parsha's complex relationships to land and earth through the lenses of queerness and embodiment. 

Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg became a rabbi in order to learn our people’s diverse and nuanced histories, tell stories, and create spaces, ritual, and organizing that helps transform our relationships to past, present and future. She is a collective member of the Radical Jewish Calendar project, and organizes with Matir Asurim: Jewish Care Network for Incarcerated PeopleShe is a writer and teacher on integrating trauma-informed pedagogy into Jewish education, ritual and organizing, and authored an Introduction to Trauma, Healing and Resilience for Rabbis, Jewish Educators and Organizers, published by Reconstructing Judaism