Connection, Conviction, Resolution

Welcome to Edition #5 of In The Loop. With a brand new year, resolutions form part of our annual commitment to be better, do more, all with bravado and conviction. It may be the right time for reflection, and it's always the right time to create change - starting with your own behaviors.

With so many thought leaders available to us, here's one of the success habits from a business associate of mine: I will engage in positive thinking everyday and control my thoughts and emotions.

How about connecting with your community? How can you help? Economic downturns don't mean that we turn our back. Call your personal or business mentor and make a plan to drive yourself to DO something. Remember the windshield is more important than the rear view mirror.
January 27 was Mental Health Day.

As an Ambassador for the Canadian Red Cross, I was excited to be part of their latest campaign whereby mental health programming will be incorporated into its standard first aid training.

The Red Cross will be training first responders to look beyond physical symptoms and evaluate emotional well-being following an emergency such as a natural disaster.

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Kolbe Times Calgary

Publishers Bill & Laura Locke were kind enough to feature me in a cover interview in the December issue of Kolbe Times. It is now shifting from print to digital so if you'd like to subscribe to their free monthly newsletter, sign up at . Kolbe Times focuses on faith, the arts and social justice.
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Calgary, February 16 - Rotary Tom Jackson Stay In School Program, hosted by Calgary Rotary, 11:30am, Fairmont Palliser - contact Catherine for tickets/details
Athabasca, April 22 - Rotary Celebrity Dinner & Auction 
Leduc - April 30 - MacLab Centre
Winnipeg - May 11 - The Walrus Talks Indigenous City
Victoria - May 16 - Food Banks BC Provincial Conference  

My book "364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times" - Online ordering coming in the next few weeks.

Ballads Not Bullets and 'Twas In the Moon of Wintertime can be found on iTunes and Amazon.
About love:
It's undeniable how much I feel when I'm around you.
It's unbelievable how much I feel when you tell me you love me.

(Day 120 from "364")
A salute to the artists whom we lost recently - David Bowie and Glenn Frey. They had great influence on me. RIP.

peace.....tom j.

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