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Connection Between
Viruses & Belief Systems
April 202 0
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Edward D. Wagner DC
Connection Between
Viruses & Belief Systems
If you think about it, both viruses and belief systems are contaminants. Viruses contaminate the  cells, take over the running of the metabolic processes of the cell creating symptoms, sickness  and disease. Many times a patient's symptom complex, like weight gain, is in reality the  insidious effect of a virus. This can apply to vaccines, which are attenuated or dead viruses with  contaminants. They are injected into the body which can have adverse effects, if not  immediately, later in one's life. Belief systems that are negative or are anti-self are thought form  viruses, contaminating the true self, soul and many times even ones spirit. Either way, they are  both viral contaminants that take over parts of our physiology.

These thought viruses use internal data, like a virus does, and applies it to external data, causing  one to ruminate over self deprecating thoughts based upon overwhelming thoughts of  responsibility over things which in reality, have no basis of truth behind it. The ego mind wants  to blame, wants to control us, thinks it can solve everything. It is like a computer construct  thought form that wants to eliminate the spirit. It will burden us with self blame. In this case  scenario, it will create overwhelming anxiety, depression and disassociation. We call this "guilt".

On the other side of the coin, the belief systems viruses can eliminate guilt entirely and create a  blaming scenario. With no conscience, the result is a narcissist. A narcissist is like an  external data thought-form virus. It loves to infiltrate and attack the individual that has the  guilt virus.

One can see these two types of viruses are everywhere in society. It is usually the "guilt  burdened" who develops symptoms. The narcissist is in "denial" of responsibility and therefore has no symptoms.

There is a third element to all of this and that is when the virus load and other contaminants in  our environment, including vaccines, intermingle with the thought-form viruses. This leads to an  almost unsolvable equation. If a brain injury is added to this equation, even when young, the brain  injury locks in the emotional issues and interferes with the neuro-immune system's ability to  fight viruses. Mix all together and we have the perfect storm of an unfulfilled, self-deprecating,  feeling over-responsible, guilty, regretful life.

What is the answer? First and foremost is to open oneself to healing. To do this the individual  only has to do one thing and that is in the middle of the belief system creating haunting thoughts,  just ask "What can I learn from this circumstance or unwanted thought process?" This simple  question causes a break from the control the virus has and gives the individual time to explore the truth.

Secondly, find a healer or doctor that can think in all three paradigms at the same time. That is what we do in this office. We find the old physical injuries, the past PTSD's, and the biochemical toxic injuries and release them in a sequential order that results in a restoration of the true self and a reconnection of the mind with the spirit. 

The following is an example of a real case recently. The patient came in with consuming fear over the COVID-19 virus and all the consequences her mind could think of. We traced that to 3 emotional traumatizing events and 3 physical traumas, accidents, along with a long ago trip to Africa where she was heavily vaccinated. All this put together was the real basis of her fears in the present reality. All were released using different techniques and the patient literally became a different person with a sense of calm and confidence in the future, lead by something higher than the mind.

This is the time to find and release the past so you can be in the present and look forward to the future. Make an appointment and get started clearing any viruses, physical or mental.


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