November 2016
Adelphoi Theater Program
The Adelphoi Theater Program was piloted this semester with girls from Susan's Home and Marker Home with a goal to introduce the arts as an option within the Career Readiness Program. Six girls performed at the Latrobe Art Center on November 3 in a production that was described by an Adelphoi employee as "funny, emotional and very real in-your-face reality." The play, which was written entirely by the girls, was titled "Confessions of Lost Girls." Through narrative, they spoke about how they are viewed by society as criminals or troublemakers and the pain that they feel and hold inside.
As the girls worked on the play that was themed, "You Don't Know Me," they gained confidence and worked together as a team by sharing their stories. John Carosella from the Cabaret Theater in Latrobe, as well as teacher Missy Hoak, assisted in the production. The program hopes to resume in the spring.

Thanksgiving Feast at Hartford Heights


Adelphoi Education's Private Academic School at Hartford Heights held a Thanksgiving feast last week. In preparation for the feast, the students helped to make decorations, turkey cookies, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Twenty-three family members, friends and staff celebrated Thanksgiving with the students.