Vol. 9, No. 5
May 15, 2018
Dear Friends:

May is Older Americans’ Month. This is a time when we celebrate how older adults have contributed to the country, our communities, and our families. But while older adults are often the glue that keep communities together, many also shoulder the heavy weight of caregiving. A commemoration of older Americans is therefore not complete without recognizing the extraordinary level of care many provide every day.

FCA is dedicated to supporting, counseling, educating, and advocating for family caregivers. We are working hard to make sure caregivers of all ages get the help they need and deserve.


Calvin Hu
Education Coordinator
“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.”
—  Lord Byron

California Working Family Caregivers — Your Input
is Needed

The California Work & Family Coalition , an alliance of non-profit organizations (including FCA), unions, and individuals, is conducting research on how to best support family caregivers who are also working a full or part-time job. This research is designed to identify what resources, workplace policies, and support services best help employed family caregivers. This research project also seeks to understand why so few working family caregivers take advantage of California’ s Paid Family Leave program.

The California Work & Family Coalition appreciates your willingness to respond to this survey. Your feedback will help organizations that support family caregivers better advocate and campaign for change.

Online survey

Download and print survey
FCA Needs Your Support — Donate and Help Family Caregivers

Please take a few minutes to read our 2018 Spring Appeal and catch up on our latest efforts, including the recently launched FCA Learning Center where you can read, watch, listen, and learn 24/7! We welcome your donation online, or download our spring 2018 letter with form to donate by check. Your support helps family caregivers. Thank you!
FCA is Moving Again!

FCA will be moving to its new office at the end of May. From Tuesday, May 29 to Friday, June 1, both phones and email will not be accessible to staff. Emails and voicemails will be saved during this period while services are transferred to the new office. Phone numbers will remain unchanged.

FCA’s new address, starting June 1, will be: 101 Montgomery Street, Suite 2150, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Please note: FCA CareJourney , FCA Learning Center , and website caregiver.org will be unaffected, with no interruption in service.
FCA 40th Anniversary Blog

As FCA winds down the celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we offer a final blog post, “Caregiving Up Close: Yasmin.”

Seven years ago, Yasmins mother was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimers. A career minded journalist and community organizer, Yasmin nevertheless took on the enormous responsibility of being her mother’s primary caregiver . Providing a candid view of her continuing caregiving journey, Yasmin spells out both the sacrifices and small joys of being a caregiver.
The San Francisco LGBT Dementia Care Project: Training and Summit

The LGBT Dementia Care Project is a collaboration between FCA, Openhouse , and the Alzheimer’s Association , funded by the San Francisco County Department of Aging and Adult Services. The goal of the project is to educate health and social service providers on how best to  serve and address the unique concerns of LGBT seniors with dementia and their caregivers.

The next training session for providers will be offered on Friday,  May 18 , from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at  Openhouse , 65 Laguna Street, San Francisco 94102

The project will also host an  LGBT Dementia Summit . This gathering will convene service providers, members of the community, and policy makers to encourage networking among stakeholders, and to examine the state of dementia care in the LGBT community. CEUs will be available. Download and share flyer .

LGBT Dementia Summit: Thursday,  June 7 , from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m at the Milton Marks Conference Center, Hiram W. Johnson State Office Building, Lower Level, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco 94102. For more information contact  kwaggoner@alz.org , or (800) 272-3900.
San Francisco Dignity Fund Mayoral Candidate Town Hall Recording

Twenty percent of San Francisco residents are 60 and older. Twenty-five percent of San Franciscans under 60 live with a disability. These figures are projected to increase in the coming decades. To address the concerns of these populations, mayoral candidates were invited to a town hall to outline how they would serve and advocate for older residents and those living with a disability. The town hall was hosted by the Dignity Fund Coalition, of which FCA is a member. A recording of the town hall may be viewed on the Dignity Fund Coalition website.
New FCA Caregiver Stories Published

FCA’s mission includes the important work of giving a voice to family caregivers by shinning a light on the hardships and triumphs of caregiving. FCA has recently published a new series of caregiver stories to our website. Caregiving is a journey, and each a unique experience. These stories reflect some of the everyday experiences of family caregivers: frustration, sorrow, humor, determination, empathy, duty, and pride.

If you would like to share your caregiver story on www.caregiver.org, please visit our submission form .
Caregiver Stress Reduction Exercises

Many caregivers experience increased stress levels from the challenges of providing care. Caregivers also may find it challenging to make the time to take care of their own well-being. This free audio presentation offers seven exercises designed to lower anxiety and stress, and decrease tension. They can be performed while waiting in a line, walking to the car, or even while cooking or eating. Caregiver Stress Reduction Exercises include deep breathing, triangle breathing, muscle relaxation, and imagery meditations.

To listen, please visit www.caregiver.org/caregiver-learning-center , click on Listen , then click on “Caregiver Stress Reduction Exercises.”

This audio presentation is also available in Spanish, Ejercicios de reducción del estrés del cuidador.
Understanding and Communicating With Someone With Dementia — FCA Learning Center Online Class

Dementia caregiving can be very challenging; as family members, spouses, partners, relatives, or friends learn to take on the new role of caregiver, and try to understand, accept, and manage the care of their family member or friend with dementia. Understanding and Communicating with Someone with Dementia is a free online class designed specifically for these caregivers. Participants will learn about different causes of dementia and how they affect people differently, tips for communicating with people with dementia, and how to manage challenging behaviors.

To take this online class, please visit www.caregiver.org/caregiver-learning-center , click on Take a class, sign in* or register (registration is free), and click on Understanding and Communicating with Someone with Dementia.

*FCA CareJourney members are automatically Learning Center members 
Caregiver Grants Available at Road Scholar

Road Scholar provides learning adventures that combine travel and education. Each program includes l odging, meals, field trips, and transportation during the program. To give back to the community, Road Scholar is offering caregiver grants for programs in the United States and Canada.

Eligibility requirements include: being the primary unpaid caregiver providing daily care for an ill or disabled family member (spouse, parent, adult child, partner, or sibling), a U.S. resident 50 years of age or older, and have not taken a Road Scholar program in the last two years.
Family Caregivers Are Getting A Break — And Extra Coaching

Family caregivers are called upon to perform what can be a dizzying number of tasks. These may include domestic and financial chores like cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, and managing investments. There are also tasks that fall outside of the realm of everyday skills such as wound care, transferring, and medication management. Mindy Fetterman and Lynne Shallcross writing in Kaiser Health News report on some of the initiatives being taken by hospitals in providing coaching and training programs to caregivers performing complex medical tasks. These programs have been designed to provide skills and confidence to family caregivers.
The Overlooked Benefit Gen X Workers Need

A workplace benefit that is being increasing offered is paid family leave. Paid family leave is commonly used by parents to bond with infants and recently-adopted children. However, more and more companies are turning to paid family leave to provide the flexibility needed for workers to remain employed while also providing care for ailing, sick, or injured parents and children. Fast Company’s Lydia Dishman writes about some of the companies providing this crucial benefit to their workers, and why these companies see paid family leave as a win win for both workers and employers.
Understanding Memory Loss and Dementia

Occasionally misplacing keys, forgetfulness, and sometimes failing to remember which word to use can be common experiences among older adults. While aging may include an increase in memory problems, dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. At this free workshop, participants will learn the differences between dementia and normal age-related memory loss, some warning signs of dementia, how dementia affects thinking and mood, and the importance of obtaining a diagnosis.

When:  Monday,  May 21 , from 12 noon to 1 p.m.
Where:  Belmont Library
1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont 94002
Cost:  No charge 
Registration:  Calvin Hu,  chu@caregiver.org , (415) 434-3388 x 313
Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Managing Stress for Family Caregivers

Stress is a normal physical response to the many challenges family caregivers face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, chronic stress can also lead to problems with your emotional and physical health. There are, however, ways to manage stress, by practicing techniques designed to boost resilience. At this workshop, family caregivers will learn about the sources of stress, how to manage stress, stress relievers and coping tools, and stress reduction techniques

Pre-registration is required. Please let us know if you have a disability and require specific accommodations. This class is specifically for family caregivers, not providers.

When: Wednesday, June 20 , from 10 a.m. to 12 noon 
Where:   Alzheimer’s Association, 4340 Redwood Highway, Suite F138, San Rafael 94903
Cost: No charge
Registration: Contact Amanda Hartrey, (415) 434-3388 ext. 334. Feel free to leave a message with your name, number, and the name of this workshop.
Tech Tools for Caregivers

This workshop will offer a practical overview of how technology tools may help family caregivers provide care for a frail or ill family member, partner, relative, friend, or spouse at home. Technology products like smart phone apps, communication aids, in-home sensors, and webcams can help make a home safer, and reduce the caregiving workload. The class will include information on how to determine what your needs are, the costs of tech tools, privacy considerations, and ease of use.

When: Monday, July 30, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Where:   Peninsula Jewish Community Center , Board Room 
800 Foster City Boulevard, Foster City 94404
Cost: No charge
Registration: Calvin Hu,  chu@caregiver.org , (415) 434-3388 x 313
SHARE Program Available to San Francisco Bay Area Family Caregivers

FCA is pleased to offer the SHARE program to local family caregivers. SHARE is a one-on-one program over the phone or in person that consists of five sessions that include both the caregiver and the person who is receiving care. Participants will learn about communication skills, how to reduce stress, ways to live healthier, and the ins and outs of managing long-term care. There is no charge for the SHARE program.

SHARE is specifically for caregivers of adults (close family or partner/spouse), with a confirmed diagnosis of a chronic health condition, 60 or older, living at home, and with intact cognitive abilities. Eligible conditions for SHARE include, but are not limited to: heart disease, diabetes, COPD, arthritis, kidney disease, stroke, or HIV-AIDS.  Care receivers with a neurocognitive disorder like Alzheimer’s disease, a mental health condition, traumatic brain injury, or are in the terminal phrase of their condition, are unfortunately not eligible.

Please contact Michelle Venegas, (415) 434-3388, for more information.
Caregivers Count! Conference

The  Aging Services Collaborative  of Santa Clara County invites family caregivers to the  8th Annual Caregivers Count Conference . Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from expert speakers as well as visit resource tables to learn about supportive services available in Santa Clara County. Highlights of the conference include presentations on self-care, hospital discharge planning, and a caregiver panel. 

On-site care will be provided by the   Alzheimer’s Activity Center .

When:  Saturday,  May 19 , from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where:   Campbell Community Center , Orchard City Banquet Hall
1 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell 95008 
Cost:  $15 (limited scholarships available)
Registration:   Click here  
FCA’s   Facebook page   offers articles and posts of interest for family caregivers. Please follow our page at www.facebook.com/FamilyCaregiverAlliance .
Headlines From the April 2018 Caregiving Policy Digest
  • Increased Funding for Alzheimer’s Sparks Optimism at NIA
  • Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Interventions in Reducing Caregiver Depression
  • The Cost of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Study Reveals Caregivers’ Financial Contribution to Caregiving
  • Who Will Pay for the Increased Demand for Long-Term Care

The entire April 2018 issue is available  here .
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