Connections: November 8, 2021
Dear friends,

Hope you are adjusting to the "falling back"-- it wonderful in the morning but wow, it gets dark so early! You won't want to miss this coming Sunday-- I guarantee it will lift you up in so many different ways! I hope you will take some time with this email -- there are a couple of really important things that we want your input on.

CCSM's Ministry of Service and Justice (MSJ) is one of our most active ministries. They need your input and are asking you to take just a few minutes to share your feedback and give us direction for the upcoming year. MSJ will use this information to focus our work, make sure our efforts are directed where you, the CCSM community, sees the greatest need, and help us to put like-minded individuals together to address social justice efforts going forward. Please complete the following brief survey. It can be totally anonymous. We'll share our findings over the next few weeks.

And for our reflection this week:

This is a good time to remember that when we harden our heart against anyone, we hurt ourselves. The fear habit, the anger habit, the self-pity habit—all are strengthened and empowered when we continue to buy into them. The most compassionate thing we can do is to interrupt these habits. Instead of always pulling back and putting up walls, we can do something unpredictable and make a compassionate aspiration. We can visualize this difficult person’s face and say [their] name if it helps us. Then we say the words: “May this person who irritates me be free of suffering and the roots of suffering.” By doing this, we start to dissolve our fear.”
―Pema Chödrön, 


Watch the announcement that two of our youth. Sofia and Tuesday, made yesterday and check out the details below:
Ways to Connect at CCSM!
As we are in a time of reopening and reconnecting, here are some ways to get involved! There are small groups and service opportunities that are both in person and online. Take a look at some of our current groups by clicking HERE.
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