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IT Adventure Indoor Ropes Course


We want to thank you for helping our son and family. Kyle is doing great and we give thanks to Turnbridge and to God. I want to thank Lauren Springer for all the positive messages and advice she has personally given me. Have a great day knowing you are helping many families through difficult times.

- A grateful father

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IT Adventure Indoor Ropes Course

This past month, a group of Phase II clients in the Turnbridge Men’s Program experienced the largest indoor ropes course in the world, IT Adventure Indoor Ropes Course in New Haven, CT.

The course boasts over 100 challenges spanning four levels. According to the New Haven Register, at this one-of-a-kind ropes course for people of all ages, “Patrons can zip over the $2 million, 1,000-nozzle water show as a light and sound production, created by Chair Solutions, the company that designed Radio Music Hall, The Grand Ol Opry, and the Michael Jackson Tour, plays beneath them.”

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“I was pretty scared, but I had fun,” said Connor S.

“Walking across the tightrope was sketchy,” said Alex K. “The zip line was great. Overall it was an incredible experience.”

At Turnbridge, clients learn to have fun sober and build friendships through frequent shared recreational experiences.

“It’s good for us to go out and face small challenges and fears that could maybe end up helping us face bigger ones in our recovery”

Unsung Hero
Unsung Hero Headshot

Sean O’Neil

Sean O’Neil is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of November 2018.

Sean is a support staff member in Phase I of the Turnbridge Men’s Program. Sean is a relatively new member of the Turnbridge family. As a person in recovery, he jumped at the opportunity to work in an environment that helps young people build a foundation for sobriety.

“I met some of the Turnbridge staff in the community,” said Sean. “I thought helping people who are in recovery could help me. It was an opportunity I’ve always wanted. When I expressed interest, Turnbridge reached out.”

“Working at Turnbridge reminds me of the struggles of being a young man dealing with life, love, and loss,” said Sean. “I used to wish I’d done things differently. The fact that I have a chance to listen, share, interact with, and possibly make a difference in these young men’s lives is very rewarding.”

Sean likens his experience in athletics to his new role at Turnbridge, “sports have played a huge roll in my life and I have coached for many years. I have always wanted to be able to use life’s experience to help others as well as myself. Turnbridge staff and clients have helped me with everyday life and recovery.”
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Resident Profile

Alex M. is a current client in Phase III of the Turnbridge Men’s Program.

Alex came to Turnbridge from Chicago, IL just over 10 months ago. “What got me [to Turnbridge] was repeated brushes with the law, using of xanax and ketamine, complete depression, and just not living life well,” said Alex. “I went to the hospital several times from overdosing on xanax. I completed a degree in marketing in 2015, but after college I was kind of frozen in place.”

“I came to Turnbridge about 10 months ago and I’ve just been taking suggestions,” said Alex. “I am very involved in my program. I have a sponsor and I have a home group. I am doing step work. I really tried to plug in with the community around me and form new friendships.”

“Turnbridge has allowed me to do a lot of fun things,” said Alex. “I have had a really cool month, with two trips to amusement parks, multiple haunted houses, and an AA retreat. So I am living life. Turnbridge showed me I can do whatever I want without getting high. It’s showed me the merits of life and made me feel really hopeful that I can be something other than an addict.”

“I have a really good therapist that’s helping me a lot,” said Alex. “She’s been challenging me to think in ways that no other therapist has. My biggest breakthroughs have been working on resentments, teaching me how to deal with toxic people, and teaching me about prayer”

“Learning how to live has been my biggest challenge,” said Alex. “Just the little things, like getting up on time and staying organized. Turnbridge walked me through things. They explained things that I thought were dumb questions and was afraid to ask.”

Now that Alex is nearing graduation from Turnbridge, he’s begun to consider plans for his life beyond the program. “I have every intention of staying around here after Turnbridge,” said Alex. “I’m back in school to learn graphic design.”

“Turnbridge has helped me find fulfillment from each and every day,” said Alex. “I am alive now. I am living life. I am planning for the future. I have good friends around me that have my back.”
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Emma T. is an alumni of the Turnbridge Women’s Program.

“Leading up to going to Turnbridge, my life was extremely unmanageable,” recalled Emma. “I was very unmotivated in any respect for anything. Even if I enjoyed doing something, I couldn't find the motivation to do it. I was depressed all the time, felt worthless and unimportant, and felt like I didn't have a purpose. That drove me to try to escape, whether it was through relationships or partying.”

Prior to coming to Turnbridge, Emma was a student at University of Colorado in Boulder. “It started out with partying in college,” said Emma. “During freshman year I had a solid group of friends. Then, sophomore year came around and I spent more time experimenting with different things and all different types of people. I found the people that also didn’t want to do anything but party and stuck around those people.”

“Whether it was doing drugs, or drinking and partying... whatever you shouldn't be doing in order to live a fulfilling life, I was doing it,” said Emma. This lifestyle started to take a toll on Emma’s self-worth as she watched her peers start to excel and accomplish their goals. Emma started to retreat further and further away from the person that she wanted to become. “As time went on, I was getting more and more depressed because I saw that I wasn’t accomplishing anything,” said Emma. “It caused this whole cycle of being depressed from not doing anything and being too depressed to do anything. I was just stagnant, bored, and impulsive.” Emma continued, “I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything. I lost touch with wanting to maintain a healthy relationship with my parents and care for them. I just lost touch with myself. I found anyway that I could escape from myself.”

Eventually, Emma found her way to Turnbridge. “I came in stubborn,” said Emma. “I came in knowing that I needed to change, that I needed to do something different with my life, I just didn’t know exactly what that meant. I didn’t want to take suggestions from anyone. I was super lazy still. I was still unmotivated. I had a little hope deep down that eventually this would kick in, that maybe something would change in me.”

“As time went on I just kept getting in trouble, so I decided to take some suggestions,” said Emma. “I had to have enough eye opening experiences to realize that what I was doing was not working and I needed to try things differently.” By the time Emma was transitioning into Phase III at Turnbridge, she felt a marked shift. “I felt a little more motivated to want to go out and do things, because I didn’t want to get in trouble anymore for not doing anything. With that motivation, I got a job. I just really wanted to push myself. In Phase III my process was accomplishing small tasks at first, and then by each task I accomplished, I gained a little tiny bit more confidence like, ‘oh I can do this. I am capable’ and that would give me the confidence to accomplish the next small task, and the next, and then I would move to larger more daunting tasks as my confidence grew. It made me feel better about myself. I could feel more color. I had self-worth. I was proving to myself that I could do it. I can be a confident human being.”

In talking about her recovery journey, Emma shared a wonderful anecdote involving her mother. “I got a manager position at work and I worked really hard for that,” said Emma. “My mom always asked me when I was growing up, ‘Did you try your best? Well if you did, that's all that matters’. I never tried my best because I thought that if I did it wouldn’t be good enough. I remember in Phase III actually feeling like I had tried my best and, for once, my best was good enough. It just made me realize that I can do something with great purpose in my life. These small moments of confidence-building lead to respect for myself.”

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“I am super grateful for Turnbridge,” said Emma. “If you had told me on day one what I would be like upon leaving Turnbridge, I would not have believed you. Where I am now is better than what I could have imagined for myself.”

“Today I am feeling certain qualities that I always wanted to feel,” said Emma. “I feel respected, appreciated, looked up to, and needed by a lot of people. I am feeling like I have an impact on others and I am only 21. I don’t have a mansion and a job on Wall Street or whatever it may be, but what I have today, with the insight I have on myself, the friends I am surrounded by, I couldn’t ask for a better state of being or a better state of mind.”

“I feel powerful, I feel unstoppable, I feel like anything I set my mind to I can do it,” said Emma. “I actively work to be the person that I always knew I had inside of me. I am dedicated and loyal to other people, I show up for others, and most importantly today, I show up for myself. Today, I can tell myself I am proud of myself and actually feel weight to what I am saying. I don’t need my parents, or staff, or my case manager to tell me. Of course, it's nice to hear but today there is meaning to when I tell myself I am proud of myself.”

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