Vol. 13, No. 5

May 2022

Dear Friends:

May is National Older Americans Month. From the Silent Generation to the Baby Boomers, older Americans have left a living legacy including the civil rights movement, moon landing, and nurturing their own communities and families. Older Americans are also both the givers and receivers of care — to, and from, spouses, partners, family members, relatives, and friends. Their caregiving work is crucial for the health and wellbeing of millions across the country. FCA joins with people across the country to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of older Americans.


Calvin Hu

Education Coordinator



“In adversity remember to keep an even mind.”

— Horace

Get Your Own Personalized Caregiving Resource Dashboard

Go online to complete a brief questionnaire and get a personal dashboard loaded with information that matches your unique caregiving needs. CareNav, our secure online service, offers quality information, support, and resources for family caregivers of adults with chronic physical or cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, and other illnesses.

To learn more, click here or register here.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Caregivers

FCA’s emergency preparedness checklist is a good starting point for those looking to better plan for a sudden disaster or emergency like a wildfire or flood. For long running or ongoing national emergencies, FCA’s article on dementia caregiving during a national emergency may also prove helpful.

Medi-Cal Elegibilty Expanding

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid health care program. Starting May this year, adults 50 and older are now eligible for Medi-Cal benefits regardless of immigration status. On July 1 of this year, California is raising the asset limit for Medi-Cal programs that apply an asset test. This limit will increase from $2,000 for a single person to $130,000. For more information, please visit Justice in Aging.

Caregiver Resource Center Classes 

The California Caregiver Resource Centers (CRC) serve families and caregivers of adults affected by chronic and debilitating health conditions (FCA is the San Francisco Bay Area CRC). FCA is now hosting a calendar of classes, workshops, and events compiled from each of the 11 CRCs and open to family caregivers across the country.

For more information on June events, please click here.


A Housing Idea for Aging Parents Who Want Your Company and Their Privacy

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is the technical term for a self-contained living space that is on the same lot as a single family home. Common examples of this are garages converted onto a residence, or a one-bedroom home in a yard. Next Avenue’s Chris Farrell explains the benefits, and hurdles of ADUs for an adult parent looking to age in place with adult children and grandchildren.

Five Tips for Difficult Family Caregiving Conversations

Being a caregiver often requires discussing sensitive topics that can involve the person being cared for in addition to other family members and concerned friends. AARP Caregiving Expert, Amy Goyer, gives concrete tips to help you overcome the many potential pitfalls of these converations.



Let’s Get Away Together

This series is comprised of interactive sessions with each week focusing on a new place or cultural activity, while incorporating storytelling, music, poetry writing, and/or a simple craft. Each session will include a follow-up message filled with tips, activities, and recipes for families to continue to enjoy after the virtual trip. The focus of each group is to explore a new world, experience a variety of engaging opportunities, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie and community. 

Let’s Get Away Together is intended to be an enjoyable activity for family caregivers and the person they care for. Those receiving care who are able to participate in the discussion and activities are encouraged to attend with their family caregiver. Read a Q&A about the series here.

May 31

Encore of Music Around the World

Let’s visit some of our favorite spots around the world, hearing snippets of folk music, performed live by Katrina, learning about the culture, and celebrating the beauty of getting to ‘travel’ together in this way!

June 7 

Alicia’s Around the World

Let’s Explore Around the World: Fun Facts that may Sound Unreal but are True!

Join Alicia and discover something new - our world is truly a place of unique, and often stunning, realities!

June 14 

Best of The Golden Era Musicals!

Join Katrina in learning, singing, and reminiscing about favorite songs from our well-known Broadway shows. You might hear (or sing!) snippets from The King and I, An American in Paris, or Meet Me in St. Louis!

When: Tuesdays, April 26 to June 14, from 1 to 2 p.m. (PT) 

Where: Online 

Cost: No charge 

Registration: Click here 

This series is funded by Alameda County Department of Adult and Aging Services, Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging, the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services, and the California Department of Health Care Services

⽼年⼈⽼年退化症/认知障碍症101 (Dementia 101)

对于家庭照顾者来说, 照顾患有⽼年退化症的家⼈是⼀件⾮常艰难的⼯作。我们家庭者照顾联盟现在提供⼀个关于怎样能更明⽩有效地照顾以及怎样与患⽼年退化症病⼈交流沟通的讲座。这次的讲座也会为照顾者提供⼀些怎样处理⽼年⼈退化症病变应对的资讯。

时间: 讲座将于5/26/2022 上午10点开始

费⽤: 不收费

联络: 曾泰莎, ttsang@caregiver.org, (650) 451-5336

網上課程鏈接: 点击这里, 或者聯繫曾泰莎註冊, ttsang@caregiver.org, (650) 451-5336.


This training is supported by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program’s California Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia. Funding is provided by the 2019 California Budget Act one-time General Fund expenditure authority over three State Fiscal Years from 2019 to 2022.

Demencia 101 (Dementia 101)

Cuidando a alguien que vive con demencia presenta retos únicos para cuidadores familiares. Esta clase le proveerá un entendimiento basico de la demencia y cómo afecta al individuo. Demencia 101 también incluirá algunos consejos para cuidadores en como pueden afrontar los cambios asociados con la demencia.

Dia/Hora: 13 de junio, 10 a.m. a 11 a.m.

Costo: Gratis

UBICACIÓN (Únase desde una PC, iPad, iPhone o dispositivo Android): https://tinyurl.com/FCAdemencia0613 se requiere registrarse

Para obtener más información o ayuda: Adriana Sanchez, asanchez@caregiver.org, (415) 434-3388, ext. 316

Esta clase está abierta para Cuidadores de Familia en la área de la Bahía. Demencia 101 será presentada en colaboración Con el Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Santa Clara.

This training is supported by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program’s California Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia. Funding is provided by the 2019 California Budget Act one-time General Fund expenditure authority over three State Fiscal Years from 2019 to 2022.


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