Vol. 13, No. 4

April 2022

Dear Friends:

National Healthcare Decisions Day happens in April and promotes advance care planning. Advance care planning means making arrangements for incapacity. If you are injured or ill to the point where you can no longer communicate, would a doctor understand, and honor your choices and values concerning care? Advance care planning is designed to provide peace of mind for you, and guidance for loved ones if you are unable to communicate your wishes. To get started, FCA has a resources and information page on advance care planning, and also an upcoming webinar.


Calvin Hu

Education Coordinator



“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

— Nelson Mandela


Call to Action: Support California Caregivers 

The Association of California Caregiver Resource Centers (CRCs—FCA is the San Francisco Bay Area CRC) is requesting an increase of $20 million annually to the California Caregiver Resource Center budget to meet the needs of California’s 4.7 million unpaid family caregivers. This increased funding will allow the CRCs to double all services, including the culturally responsive and language appropriate services that support all Californian caregiving families. 

There are several ways you can advocate for additional caregiving services and a CRC budget increase:

  • Sign our petition here.

It’s quick and easy, and you have the option to add your own personalized note.

  • Send a letter of support.

Download a sample letter from an organization

Download a sample letter from a caregiver

Download a sample letter from an individual who is not a caregiver

Download instructions for how to submit letters of support

  • Call your CA State representative and tell them:

“Hello. My name is _________ and I live in district #. I am calling to express my support for the CA Caregiver Resource Center request for an additional $20M a year to expand capacity to support family caregivers of adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments by doubling services and offering culturally responsive and language appropriate services to meet the needs of all Californian caregiving families.” Then, add your personal why (example: I know the value of these services as a caregiver of….)

Click here to find your representative.

Updates On Dementia (online conference)

Tailored to professionals, Updates On Dementia features nationally- and internationally-renowned researchers and clinicians presenting the latest research in the biological, social, psychological, and cultural aspects of aging and dementia with particular emphasis on practical applications. Updates On Dementia presentations include: reducing dementia risk, dementia therapies, complex care, and loneliness. This year's conference will be online (virtual). 

When: Thursday, May 12, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PT

Where: Online

Cost: No charge

Registration: Click here (you must create an account to register)

Get Your Own Personalized Caregiving Resource Dashboard

Go online to complete a brief questionnaire and get a personal dashboard loaded with information that matches your unique caregiving needs. CareNav, our secure online service, offers quality information, support, and resources for family caregivers of adults with chronic physical or cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, and other illnesses.

To learn more, click here or register here.

Depression and Caregiving

Caregiving can be tough, exhausting, and stressful work. While not all caregivers live with depression or will become depressed, it is a normal response to the demands of caregiving. For family caregivers who are, or think they may be depressed, FCA’s Depression and Caregiving fact sheet identifies the symptoms of depression, explains certain caregiver concerns, and gives advice on treatment options, alternative therapies, and how to pay for treatment.

An Elderly Mother and an Aging Son: A Journalist’s Caregiving Story (webinar recording)

The pandemic’s ongoing toll has prompted more people to consider caring for an aging parent, partner, or spouse at home. But with someone turning 65 every eight seconds in this country, how prepared are we? This special FCA webinar features journalist, filmmaker, and caregiver Dave Iverson as he discusses his upcoming book, our country’s growing eldercare crisis, and how he navigated the challenges of caregiving.

To view a recording of this webinar please click here.

Caregiver Resource Center Classes 

The California Caregiver Resource Centers (CRC) serve families and caregivers of adults affected by chronic and debilitating health conditions (FCA is the San Francisco Bay Area CRC). FCA is now hosting a calendar of classes, workshops, and events compiled from each of the 11 CRCs and open to family caregivers across the country.

For more information on May events, please click here.


Take Charge! Advance Care Planning Tips

Get the health care you want based on what matters most. This webinar will discuss how to talk about your wishes for care with the important people in your life, and cover how to choose someone to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so. The webinar will also cover how to write down your wishes using Advance Heath Care Directives and the Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment.

Speaker: Mary Matthiesen

Mary Matthiesen is the Chief Strategy and Integration Officer with Mission Hospice & Home Care in San Mateo – one of the original and still independent non-profit hospices in California. She has led awareness initiatives on end of life issues internationally, and supports the innovative educational offerings at Mission Hospice as well as her passion of engaging partners to co-create more compassionate communities for those living with serious illness, death and bereavement.

When: Wednesday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon (Pacific time)


Cost: No charge

Registration: Click here

This webinar is funded by Alameda County Department of Adult and Aging Services, Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging, the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services, and the California Department of Health Care Services

FCA Presents: A Conversation With the 2021 Innovations in Alzheimer’s Caregiving Award Winners

Join us for a panel discussion with the most recent Innovations in Alzheimer’s Caregiving Award recipients. The winners include the following programs:

Creative Expression


Using the Spirit-Centered Care® philosophy at its core, Elderwise teaches, models, and promotes culture change among caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals by recognizing the intrinsic value of each person and their capacity to live a rich and joyful life regardless of their cognitive or physical condition. For more than 24 years Elderwise has been providing arts-based activities, guided discussion, and movement with music, while fostering a safe environment for adults living with memory loss in Seattle, Washington.

“Art Is…In”

“Art Is…In” is a technology-free, professionally curated art-at-home program that aims to engage and encourage meaningful creative expression for caregivers and individuals living with dementia who cannot participate in virtual activities or those with limited access or ability to use a computer or internet. To date, “Art Is…In” has distributed over 1,200 free art kits to individuals with dementia and their caregivers of diverse backgrounds in partnership with The Memory Center at The University of Chicago Medicine.

Diverse/Multicultural Communities

Care NYC

Sunnyside Community Services (SCS) based in Queens is a multifaceted organization serving one of the largest growing Spanish-speaking Latin American groups in the United States. In response to the growing linguistic and cultural needs, their program CARE NYC created a comprehensive targeted program to honor the differences in cultural, linguistic, family dynamics, and religious identities for caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias seeking and receiving services. CARE NYC matches 1,400 caregivers annually to staff members who provide and connect them to a range of support services (i.e., counseling, support groups, education workshops, respite, and supplemental/financial resources) and community-based organizations in their native language.

The Innovations in Alzheimer’s Caregiving Awards are funded by the generosity of The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation and Bader Philanthropies, Inc.

When: Tuesday, May 24, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon (PT)


Cost: No Charge

Registration: Click here


Respite Care: Giving Family Caregivers a Break

Being a family caregiver can last months, years, or decades. To help maintain emotional and physical health, many caregivers turn to respite care. This type of care is provided on a short-term basis and allows the caregiver time to hopefully recharge and refresh themselves. Lisa Esposito, writing for U.S. News & World Report, explains how to find this type of care, the costs, and challenges.

How Caregivers Can Protect Their Privacy at Home

Millions of adult children are providing care for one or more parents in the United States today. Some of these families are living in intergenerational households. For these households, privacy can become a source of conflict, for both those giving and those receiving care. Next Avenue’s Judy Stringer gives advice on how to help avoid the pitfalls of such an arrangement.



Let’s Get Away Together

This series is comprised of interactive sessions with each week focusing on a new place or cultural activity, while incorporating storytelling, music, poetry writing, and/or a simple craft. Each session will include a follow-up message filled with tips, activities, and recipes for families to continue to enjoy after the virtual trip. The focus of each group is to explore a new world, experience a variety of engaging opportunities, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie and community. 

Let’s Get Away Together is intended to be an enjoyable activity for family caregivers and the person they care for. Those receiving care who are able to participate in the discussion and activities are encouraged to attend with their family caregiver. Read a Q&A about the series here.

April 26 

Special 10th Series Encore! Let’s Go to Italy

The country of pasta, wine, opera, ocean, vespas, fashion, and so much more! Join Katrina in traveling to Italy to explore this amazing place - live music included!


May 3

Let’s Explore our Strange and Beloved Pollinators

Join Samantha in exploring pollinators locally and globally. We will take another look at fascinating hummingbirds, butterflies, and more, and what you can do to keep pollinators thriving in your backyard!


May 10 

A Tribute to Mothers - The Many Shapes They Come In

Join Alicia to explore the variety of mothers throughout history. We will explore some more well-known mothers while covering others that are “outside of the box.”


May 17 

Special 10th Series Encore; Best of National Parks!

Join Samantha as we take a look at our favorite U.S. National Parks. From mountain tops to tropical coastlines, together we’ll take a bucket list trip to the best preserved natural landscapes of the USA.

May 24 

Lets go to the British Virgin Islands (Caribbean) with Alicia!

Life is rich and relaxed in the untainted beauty of the British Virgin Islands. Together we will sail on the clear waters, swim in the wonders of The Baths, and soak in the endless sky.


May 31

Encore of Music Around the World

Let’s visit some of our favorite spots around the world, hearing snippets of folk music, performed live by Katrina, learning about the culture, and celebrating the beauty of getting to ‘travel’ together in this way!


June 7 

Alicia’s Around the World

Let’s Explore Around the World: Fun Facts that may Sound Unreal but are True!

Join Alicia and discover something new - our world is truly a place of unique, and often stunning, realities!


June 14 

Best of The Golden Era Musicals!

Join Katrina in learning, singing, and reminiscing about favorite songs from our well-known Broadway shows. You might hear (or sing!) snippets from The King and I, An American in Paris, or Meet Me in St. Louis!

When: Tuesdays, April 26 to June 14, from 1 to 2 p.m. (PT) 

Where: Online 

Cost: No charge 

Registration: Click here 

This series is funded by Alameda County Department of Adult and Aging Services, Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging, the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services, and the California Department of Health Care Services

⽼年⼈⽼年退化症/认知障碍症101 (Dementia 101)

对于家庭照顾者来说, 照顾患有⽼年退化症的家⼈是⼀件⾮常艰难的⼯作。我们家庭者照顾联盟现在提供⼀个关于怎样能更明⽩有效地照顾以及怎样与患⽼年退化症病⼈交流沟通的讲座。这次的讲座也会为照顾者提供⼀些怎样处理⽼年⼈退化症病变应对的资讯。

时间: 讲座将于5/26/2022 上午10点开始

费⽤: 不收费

联络: 曾泰莎姑娘, ttsang@caregiver.org, (650) 451-5336

網上課程鏈接: 点击这里, 或者聯繫曾泰莎姑娘註冊, ttsang@caregiver.org, (650) 451-5336.


This training is supported by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program’s California Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia. Funding is provided by the 2019 California Budget Act one-time General Fund expenditure authority over three State Fiscal Years from 2019 to 2022.

Demencia 101 (Dementia 101)

Cuidando a alguien que vive con demencia presenta retos únicospara cuidadores familiares. Esta clase le proveera un entendimientobasico de la demencia y como afecta al individuo. Demencia 101también incluirá algunos consejos para cuidadores en como puedenafrontrar los cambios asociados con la demencia

Dia/Hora: 13 de junio, 10 a.m. a 11 a.m.

Costo: Gratis

UBICACIÓN (Únase desde una PC, iPad, iPhone o dispositivo Android): https://tinyurl.com/FCAdemencia0613 se requiere registrarse

Para obtener más información o ayuda: Adriana Sanchez, asanchez@caregiver.org, (415) 434-3388, ext. 316

Esta clase esta abierta para Cuidadores de Familia en la area de la Bahia. Demencia 101 serapresentada en colaboracion Con el Departamento de Salud Publico del Condado de SantaClara

This training is supported by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program’s California Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships to Address Dementia. Funding is provided by the 2019 California Budget Act one-time General Fund expenditure authority over three State Fiscal Years from 2019 to 2022.


Headlines From the April Caregiving Policy Digest

  • Advocates Urge Fundamental “Rethink” of Long-Term Care
  • No Surprises Law: It’s Not Foolproof
  • Medicare Rules Stymie Dementia Hospice Care  

The entire April issue is available here.

Caregiving Policy Digest is a publication of the National Center on Caregiving, a program of Family Caregiver Alliance. The newsletter offers a fresh look at the rapidly changing world of caregiving policy―at the local, national, and international levels. Subscribe here.


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