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The Planning Commission is proud to announce our 36th annual celebration of excellence in planning in Hillsborough County. This awards program is a well-respected tradition honoring projects contributing to a better quality of life in
our community and serving as models to learn from and emulate.  
See  Call for Entries for details on Criteria, Categories, and Submission. Complete submission packages will be accepted only in digital format no later than Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 5 p.m. with $195 entry fee.
NEW Early Bird Entry! This year, we will be accepting early bird entries for complete submission packages delivered no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 with reduced entry fee of $125!
Plan to join us | Tickets on sale September 1 - October 19
Thursday, October 25, 2018 | Winners Announced
T Pepin's Hospitality Centre | 4121 N 50th Street | Tampa 
Networking Reception | 6:15 p.m. (cash bar with tray passed hors d'oeuvres)  
Dinner & Presentation of Awards by host Brendan McLaughlin | 7:15 p.m.

Visit event site for more info and sponsorship opportunities
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FLiP 2018 introduces students to planning careers

On May 29 - June 1, the Planning Commission held our third annual FLiP 2018, our Future Leaders in Planning student leadership development program. Designed as an opportunity to introduce high school students to urban planning as a potential career, this year's four-day intensive program was a big hit with the students! FLiP offered a broad exposure to planning from both public and private sector perspectives across many fields.

Friends and family gathered to observe some incredible closing presentations from the team planning activity. View FLiP 2018 pictures on our facebook. A huge thanks to our partners - Hillsborough County Public Schools, ULI Tampa Bay, and Sun Coast Section - APA Florida - and all of our contributors! Thank you for giving us a lift, literally, to HART, TECOline Streetcar, USF Bull Runner, and the School District. Finally, a shout out to our amazing students! Our future is in great hands... We are looking forward to FLiP 2019!

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North Alexander Street study has residents talking

A recent open house on the future of the North Alexander Street corridor in Plant City was held on May  23, 2018  from 3:00 to 7:00 pm  at Plant City Hall. Of the nearly 50 attendees, one-third resided within Plant City, with the remainder living in unincorporated Hillsborough County. Nearly all who attended resided or owned property within the 1,000 acre study area. Their input was sought on the products produced thus far and what they would like to see happen in the study area. Attendees learned about the North Alexander Street Land Use and Marketing Study and provided valuable input to help shape the study.
ICYM our last Info BBQ...

On May 11, the Planning Commission hosted our Info BBQ (Brown Bag Quarterly) on Community Engagement. Watch a recording of this interactive session focused on key principles leading to successful online community engagement. Topics included: global trends in online engagement; the role of social media for planning in today's world; target setting and measurement; how to choose the right tool for different stages in the planning process; dealing with outrage and trolling; and creating a holistic engagement strategy for your project that merges online engagement with traditional in-person approaches. Thank you to  Bang the Table  for graciously providing lunch for all participants and for providing a demonstration of their online community engagement tools at the end of the session.

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W orking to improve how we grade our bicycle and pedestrian facilities

The  MPO has  developed a  draft white paper  to look at what is new in the evolution of measuring bicycle and pedestrian  L evel of  S ervice  (LOS) . L OS  is used to measure the quality and safety o f   bicycl e  and pedestrian  facilities .  Ne w methods were identified to update how the MPO measures LOS. For bicycle s,  the MPO is looking to implement a Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) that will apply a score to the roadway facilities within Hillsborough County.  To improve pedestrian facilities, the MPO is focused on pedestrian crossings, including an intersection inventory.
Prior to the 5:30 p.m. start of the next Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Meeting on Wednesday, June 13th, the MPO will hold an Open House to introduce the effort and get feedback. Please join us at 5:00 p.m.on the 18th Floor of County Center.
Getting kids to school safely

For the past year, the MPO's School Transportation Working Group (STWG) has been providing stakeholder input on the development of the methodology, screening criteria and selection of the Top Ten Schools for field reviews. During May, the MPO committees and School District Transportation Committee favorably received the final draft of the MPO School Safety Study and Top Ten Report. The report will be presented to the MPO Board July 31, 2018. The School Transportation Working Group was also treated to a presentation of the Coleman Middle School Road Safety Project developed and designed by students to encourage their peers to observe traffic rules while reaching school by foot or bicycle.

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Smart Cities: Ideas 2 Action

This past month, members of the Smart Cities Alliance met at the Collaborative Labs workshop to brainstorm short-term strategies to improve transportation across the region .  Focusing on turning big ideas into actionable tasks, t he group was asked to identify both problems and potential solutions to some of our most pressing transportation challenges , and bite-sized steps toward implementing solutions . The discussion focused on improving safety on highways and local roads, infrastructure readiness, and supporting multi-modality.
The group overwhelmingly declared that our primary challenges  around the region  are safety and congestion , better coordination across hardware a nd infrastructure systems, and the need for a  unified multi-modal  system .   Short-, medium-, and long-term solutions were identified to help resolve each challenge , and the group will reconvene in late July to  begin  build ing  an implementation plan.
It_s TIME Tampa Bay
It's TIME to talk Transportation, Innovation, Mobility for Everyone

The Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are in the process of updating the Long Range Transportation Plans. The 2045 Plans will establish a strategy for accommodating population and employment growth across our region and a plan to fund the transportation network to connect it all. The MPOs are listening and need your input! Here's how you (and your organization) can help create a vision for the plan: 

Take an online survey this summer. From mid-July through September 30, we want you to take five minutes to  tell us how you would design the future if you were Mayor of our region! More information's coming soon to

Help us spread the word. Share the survey with your friends, neighbors, and associates! We'd be delighted to come to your organization, group, board, team, club, or association to make a presentation. Simply fill out this brief form with the best contact information, so we can get you on our calendar. Thank you!

hillsborough river planning
Reclaimed  w ater o n "TAP" for the City of Tampa

With adequate water  flow  important  for the health of the Hillsborough River, the City of Tampa continues to look at innovative ways to e nhance their potable water supply  and leave them less dependent on water from the Hillsborough River.  TAP ,  an acronym for Tampa Augmentation Project ,  is Tampa's latest attempt to deliver reclaimed, or treated wastewater, to customers' taps  for potable purposes Ms. Seung Park, of Tampa's Water Department ,  briefed the River Board's Technical Advisory Council on the project at their May 15, 2018 meeting.    
This latest incarnation of a  waste water reuse project would inject treated wastewater into a deep aquifer and  withdraw the water from a  shallower  aquifer after some 30 days of movement though layers of underground limestone.   The first phase of the feasibility study is expected to conclude this summer.  The next phase of study will then begin with additional testing and pilot project monitoring.  Ms.  Park was asked about the potential for Contaminants of Concern (COCs) in the water supply such as pharmaceuticals, hormones, etc. She   said a recent test did not find detectable levels for most COCs ,   except for  the artificial sweetener  Sucralose, but said more testing is necessary.

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A long-range transportation policy-making board made up of local government and transportation agency representatives planning for more than $1.5 billion
in state and federally funded multi-modal transportation investments in the first 5 years of each 20+ year plan
Responsible for promoting collaborative planning, regulation, and development along the river corridor while ensuring the environmental health of the river running through Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa and Temple Terrace

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