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Congratulations to the Planning Commission's 35th Annual Planning & Design Award winners!

The  Planning Commission  is proud to announce the winners of our 35th Annual Planning & Design Awards  presented by  TECO . The event was held on October 19 at TPepin's Hospitality Centre.  With the emphasis on the importance of great planning and design in our own community, our awards program aligns with the many national festivities during the American Planning Association's National Community Planning Month . Awards of Merit, Excellence, and Outstanding Contribution to the Community as selected by a panel of expert judges from outside of Hillsborough County were presented by host Brendan McLaughlin.  
Plan Hillsborough staff become new chairs

Congratulations to Melissa Dickens on being elected Chair of the Sun Coast Section of the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association. Tony LaColla is now Chair of the Ybor City Development Corporation's Board of Directors. And just a few months ago, Wade Reynolds  was elected Chair of the Regional Multi-Use Trails Committee for the eight-county MPO Chairs' Coordinating Committee of West Central Florida. Planning Commission Executive Director Melissa Zornitta said, "It is exciting to see our Plan Hillsborough staff taking on leadership roles not only in their planning careers, but also in the community. We are so proud of their accomplishments."
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Planning Commission receives Hillsborough County commendation

At the Board of County Commissioners' October 19 Quarterly Awards Ceremonty, Commissioner Sandy Murman recognized the Planning Commission on the occasion of our 35th Annual Planning & Design Awards. A long-held tradition honoring planning excellence and showcasing outstanding projects setting the standard for others to emulate and improve our quality of life and illustrating why Hillsborough County is such an inspiring place to live, work, and play.

Watch Commissioner Murman present commendation to Melissa Zornitta
Derek Doughty reappointed by Hillsborough County BOCC.

The Board of County Commissioners, during regular session on Wednesday, October 18, appointed Derek Doughty to serve another term on the Planning Commission. The term is effective through September 30, 2021. Mr. Doughty has served on many local boards and committees, including the Environmental Protection Commission's Technical Advisory Committee and SWFWMD's Surface Water Advisory Group. Commissioner Doughty is currently the Vice Chair of the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board's Technical Advisory Council and has served as a Planning Commissioner since 2008.
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Growth trends in Hillsborough County

The Planning Commission recently completed population estimates for the years 2016 and 2017. Some interesting trends can be seen in where growth is occurring across Hillsborough County. While the massive amount of construction prior to the great recession will likely not be seen again, population growth and housing permits are about to match the level they were in the early 2000s. Once again, the county is adding roughly one City of Temple Terrace (population-wise) every year, approximately 24,000 people.

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FDOT Tentative Work Program funds many MPO priorities

Each year, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) checks its budget and funding forecast, and adds another year's worth of projects to the rolling five-year Work Program. The latest annual update has just been released, and several projects on the Hillsborough MPO's priority list are now funded!
Freight Logistics  Zone Strategic Plan

The Hillsborough MPO partnered with the Polk Transportation Planning Organization to create the Hillsborough + Polk Freight Logistics Zone Strategic Plan (FLZ) in cooperation with numerous local governments and agencies. The FLZ Plan is important to our county given Hillsborough is situated on Tampa Bay at the I-4/I-75 junction - the freight gateway to West Central Florida. Freight and logistics related businesses provide living-wage jobs, and there are over 150,000 jobs today in the FLZ area, with potential to double over the next twenty years.

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Freshwater flows are essential to the Lower Hillsborough River

In 2007, a minimum flow for the river was established. The recovery strategy adopted with the minimum flow rule for the Lower Hillsborough River in 2007 required that in 2013, and for each five-year period through 2023, the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) would evaluate the hydrology, dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, pH and biologic results achieved from implementation of the recovery strategy for the previous five years, including the duration, frequency, and impacts of the adjusted minimum flow.

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A long-range transportation policy-making board made up of local government and transportation agency representatives planning for more than $1.5 billion
in state and federally funded multi-modal transportation investments in the first 5 years of each 20+ year plan
Responsible for promoting collaborative planning, regulation, and development along the river corridor while ensuring the environmental health of the river running through Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa and Temple Terrace

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