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"WITHIN MINISTRIES meets women where they are at in the circumstances and stages of their lives. Leadership is empowered to serve as part of a team, calling forth gifts in themselves and others. " Bringing Grace Within to Life

I first became aware of just how important this core value is while listening to the story-telling of an early ministry leader. She shared how she'd learned of the arrest of a woman she met during an 8 week session. Her concern was immediate and heartfelt, her words simply, "This is not like her. Something happened. I must go to her." Her lack of judgement took my breath away. There was no questioning, only empathy and deep concern.

WITHIN MINISTRIES creates an environment of trust, one in which women can safely share their stories without fear of judgement. Participants get to know themselves and each other in a meaningful, non-judgmental, Christ-centered way. For many, this is a new and unfamiliar experience.

Feedback from participants often includes gratitude for the personal growth, the bonds formed with others, and the quest to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. This month we invite you to reflect on the ways in which you connect with God and others throughout your daily life.

As you read and reflect with us throughout 2019, consider your own core values and what you can do to strengthen them and empower others to do the same.
“I know it’s odd, but nothing more connects me to God than digging in the dirt…. many conversations occur…. and the awe of blooms is wonderful.”

This text from a friend started me thinking about the myriad of ways women feel connected—to their inner spirit, to God, to other people, and to their surroundings. I started asking—and paying attention for common threads. .. click here to continue reading. 
...of strength...of courage...of affirmation...of love...

In a world that has exploded with ways to remain connected, the reality is that we are increasingly disconnected. With the technological revolution, the handwritten word has become a rarity. We've lost some of the tangible evidence of relationship, the handwritten note, the greeting card, the comfort of seeing familiar handwriting.
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Inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe, this image is the creation of a 16 yr old artist.
This beautiful vision of Our Lady is
This image joins together the spark of divinity each human being holds within, the butterfly emerging from that internal flame, and the Spiritual presence enveloping all.
Does your community include both Spanish and English speaking women? Are you looking for a way to reach out?
WITHIN MINISTRIES seeks to partner with leaders in local communities to provide outreach and spiritual growth opportunities, and we'd like to hear from you.

Contact us to learn how together we can serve more women.
Buscando comunidades bilingües de español e inglés
¿Tiene su comunidad mujeres de habla español y de habla inglés? ¿Busca una manera de enriquecer las vidas de mujeres en sus comunidades?
WITHIN MINISTRIES está buscando conectarse con líderes en comunidades locales para proveer mujeres con oportunidades de crecimiento espiritual y personal.

Favor de comunicarse con nosotras para aprender más acerca de como podemos servir a más mujeres.
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