Edition 5 | April 28, 2020
One of our staff members at Rise Recovery tragically lost three San Antonio family members, her aunt and cousins, to COVID-19: a dedicated mother Stella Monrreal (4.21.2020) and her beautiful two daughters, Diane (3.26.2020) and Maria Monrreal (4.26.2020). Our organization will be standing with our staff member and her family today to request any support you could offer to help her family. They have created a GoFundMe page to raise $5,000 for burial expenses. What a small amount to help lighten the burden for this suffering family. Normally, we're asking if you can support Rise Recovery. But today, we need to just focus on supporting one of our own. If you can do anything to help this local family through such a tragic loss, please give today.
That's what made the difference, that connection, that "I know how you feel, let's get through this together."

That's the game changer here at Rise Recovery, our people have been on that cliff and understand. Just as it was over 45 years ago, today we help people keep moving forward...
This video was produced by a team of students from Reagan High School and nominated for best overall project at the 2020 Bexarfest Awards. The students walked away from this project with a new understanding of the struggles of substance use and the hope in recovery and we walked away with this amazing video to share with you. It was a win-win project.
You may be feeling stuck, isolated, stagnant, on hold. Let's change that! 
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H-E-B:Taking Care of Texas Including Rise Recovery!
For over 110 years, H-E-B has contributed to worthy causes throughout Texas and Mexico, and during COVID-19, they are supporting our community as strongly as ever. We are thankful for H-E-B's generous contribution of $2,500 towards emergency funding to sustain our programs and services during this time.
A COVID Recession?
Preparing for mental health and substance use disorder fallout due to the economic slowdown.
Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) issued the first in a series of reports analyzing the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first report focuses on how an economic recession could increase rates of mental health and substance use disorders (MHSUD) and result in deaths from suicide and substance overdoses.
-Blog by, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Impacts of a COVID-19 Economic Recession, April 21, 2020
What is the city of San Antonio doing to support its community members during this economic downturn?
Last week the San Antonio City Council approved the COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program. To learn more and apply, click on the graphic below and you will be directed to the website. If you prefer to speak over the phone, call 311.
What is Rise Recovery doing to support the community during this time?
Planning, adapting and continuously serving to seamlessly support those in need of recovery. Pandemic or not, we will go on to serve. For example, 16 people joined our virtual education class, Resentment & Forgiveness/Tools of the Program. That was just one of four virtual meetings available to those in need yesterday. Here, participants shared the tools they use to handle resentment in their lives:
Let's Connect
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