Edition 9 | May 26, 2020
Wednesday, May 27th | 3 PM
Join this debut webcast with Rise Recovery's Bea and Dawnya - two pros in the field who will share their personal journeys and insights into the recovery process. Go to @RiseRecovery on Facebook at 3 pm tomorrow!
Picture of the Week
Our staff meets every Friday, currently it's happening virtually. We review our work week, plan for the future, discuss concerns and find solutions, play games, and laugh...A LOT! Sometimes we even cry. There's nothing like working with those that inspire and love you unconditionally through patience, tolerance and understanding. It' We look forward to the day we walk through the doors at Rise Recovery and finally get to see each other face to face once again. We can't wait to see you, too.
Evenness of mind, even under stress.
Enjoy this 15-minutes guided meditation which cultivates balance and even-mindedness. We could all use some of this right now.

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