Edition 6 | May 5, 2020
This is what our community is all about! Thank you Isabel, for sending in this awesome picture of you doing your new "thing" during COVID-19, sewing masks to donate to others! Please share your #SamePlaceNewGoal picture just like Isabel and email it along with a short description to Becca at .
People still get sober while sheltering in place. Last week, our unstoppable staff, delivered monkey fists and sobriety chips signifying milestones achieved by our participants. Despite social distancing, recovery continues! You can be a part of our efforts through GivingTuesdayNow...
Why give to Rise Recovery? Let us explain through hoola hoop interpretive dance (video taken earlier this year)
Today, GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of unity to support nonprofits is in response to the emergency need caused by COVID-19. Being that today is May 5th AND Cinco de Mayo, we want to celebrate recovery and the amazing efforts of our staff during this time! Donate $5, $15. $50, $ get the drift! You may also choose the option to auto-donate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, follow the instructions in the link below. We will continue to be unstoppable, with your support! Also, don't forget, u nder the CARES Act,  you can get a charitable deduction up to $300  on top of your standard deduction. Thank you for supporting recovery!
Take a 7-Minute Break
In recent articles, we have talked about trauma and stress and tools we can all use during this unusual time of social distancing. Today, let's focus on meditation. Even if you have never tried it, here is a simple guide that will take you under 10 minutes to follow.
By Lock Kelly, May 4, 2020, Guided Meditation
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