Edition 13 | September 9, 2020
"The first sign you're in trouble is when you think YOU can save them."
Living with an Addicted Loved One:
A conversation with Community Leaders who
understand loving someone with addiction:
President & CEO of VIA Metropolitan Transit Jeff Arndt
CEO of GDC Marketing & Ideation, Beth Wammack
Peer Recovery Leader of Rise Recovery, Frank Janousek
Hosted by CEO of Rise Recovery, Evita Morin
I just went to pick up this up today. No way I could have done it without you.

- Rise Recovery Participant with his bachelors degree diploma from UTSA

This Thursday, September 10th
San Antonio celebrates the #BigGive2020.
Donations are being accepted now!

Dollar for dollar, up to $10,000
Harvey E. Najim and
Susan Naylor will
high-five your gift by doubling it!

Back to School, Substance Use & COVID
During this unusual back to school season, here are some words of advice for parents of children struggling with substance use and going back to school.
Written by: Partnership to End Addiction,
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