Edition 4 | April 21, 2020
When something bad happens you have three
choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.
―  Dr. Seuss
Need a dose of hope and a reason to smile? One of our youth recovery counselors created this video as his way of spreading encouragement to our world. We hope you enjoy it.
We were heartbroken to cancel our 20th Annual Benefit Breakfast on May 15th. Many of you already purchased tickets or committed to a table sponsorship. Instead of expecting a refund, your generosity in donating those funds has helped us sustain our programs during Stay Home, Stay Safe. Addiction does not stop because of a pandemic. Thanks to you, neither do we!
Our mission is ALWAYS ESSENTIAL and thanks to our leadership and staff and the financial support of our community, we will continue to change lives. No matter the size, your contribution is gratefully and humbly received! If you prefer, you have the option to schedule an automatic donation weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at the amount of your choosing. Click to view your donation options.
Frank Janousek, Manager of Family Services, Liz Todd, Curriculum Coordinator and Zach Saunders, Manager of Youth & Young Adult Services meet weekly to discuss our virtual programs.
Happy 14th Zach Saunders!
We are blessed to have this fine man serving the youth of San Antonio at Rise Recovery. Happy 14th William Z. Saunders and sharing your path of recovery that has and will lead others to peace, love and understanding. Let's pretend that we're celebrating with him and eating this delicious food!
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Got Recovery Questions?
Do you have questions related to substance use or recovery or our specific services? We'd love to hear from you and share your question and our response in our newsletter. Please know, your identity will always remain anonymous.
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Alcohol Consumption & COVID-19:
As alcohol sales rise, concern from authorities rise also.
As the coronavirus pandemic leaves millions stuck at home, alcohol sales have risen drastically nationwide, with  spirits and premixed cocktails in high demand.
The World Health Organization, however, says alcohol may put people at increased risk for the coronavirus, weakening the body's immune system and leaving drinkers at risk for other risky behaviors that could increase the likelihood of contracting coronavirus.
Written by Joshua Bote, 4/16/2020, USA TODAY on
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