May 2022

Connection is something we have all yearned for over the past two years. Whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues or the community at large, connection is essential to a flourishing relationship across all facets of our lives. I am enlightened and reinvigorated by my connections with my fellow teammates and each of you.
Our connection with you, is at the heart of all we do. We heard your thoughtful feedback and insights on how we can best connect with you, and we’re excited to begin sharing our suite of enhanced financial educational offerings.
I hope this monthly Connects newsletter fosters curiosity and connection in each of you. We strive each day to provide you with personalized service that creates a connected and exceptional client experience!
The Big Spend
COVID-19 created an economic impact. However, people today are still making luxury purchases and traveling around the world. The big spend is on!
Leveraging Tax-Savings Opportunities with the Help of an Advisor
We break down four considerations to help maximize your tax-savings opportunities.
It Takes a Team
In addition to your wealth advisor, do you have a solid team of legal, tax and insurance professionals? Does this larger financial team work well together?