September 2022
Why The Location of Your Investments Matters
Most investors have a process for deciding which investments to buy in their portfolio—with different objectives for building wealth over time. But once you’ve selected your investment mix, have you considered how the account that holds your investments affects what you ultimately earn?

How to Find an Advisor You Can Trust
Many people have questions and concerns about finding a reputable, honest and skilled wealth advisor. Drawing from his years of experience, Buckingham Strategic Wealth Chief Research Officer Larry Swedroe has compiled a list of five criteria that should be an absolute requirement when vetting a advisor.
Student Debt Forgiveness Program
The nation is abuzz about the recent announcement of President Biden’s student debt forgiveness program. How will these changes impact you and your loved ones? In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Chief Planning Officer Jeffrey Levine takes a deep dive into the details of this plan.