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A Word from Jenn Searls
2021 was a BIG year for the world, as well as for Connie. As a nation we have been faced with loss, uncertainty and unprecedented challenges that have tested our resolve. As an emerging company we have tackled learning curves and persevered through many growing pains. Through it all, we have remained focused in our commitment to enhance the health and well-being of Connecticut residents through the provision of health information technology services. I’m proud to report that Connie has been successfully stood up and is steadfast in our mission. Our future is hopeful, and our potential is inspiring.
Of the many highlights of the year, I am very proud of the team we have built. Connie has some of the most committed, resourceful, and talented staff I have ever had the privilege of working with. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the support and guidance from our highly engaged and mission committed Board of Directors, comprised of individuals representing a cross section of Connie stakeholders including healthcare professionals, consumer advocates, and state agency representatives. Finally, our partners at the Office of Health Strategy (OHS) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) have been invaluable as we’ve navigated our first successful year.

In addition to our incredible team, dedicated board members and state partners, we have benefited greatly from the collaborative spirit and expertise of CRISP and their affiliate Health Information Exchanges. Joining CRISP allowed us to leverage their robust infrastructure to get Connie up and running quickly, which was a pivotal piece in our success. 

In May, Connie, Connecticut’s state-designated Health Information Exchange was deemed operational by OHS and is fully functioning. Since then, we have distributed over 4.4 million dollars to assist in connecting Connecticut’s healthcare community and now have more than 273 healthcare organizations participating with Connie, including most major healthcare systems. We have created a patient consent policy, an opt-out process for patients, gone live with our website and launched LIVE data going through Connie. We have rolled out the Connie Portal and our InContext EMR-embedded application. Finally, I am thrilled to report that we are receiving data for more than 2.8M patients in Connie, directly supporting our mission to improve the health and well-being of our fellow Nutmeggers.

Needless to say, 2021 was busy and challenging, but also pretty incredible! I know we can and will top this in 2022 because we have an excellent team that is innovative, creative, and committed to secure clinical exchange for the empowerment of consumers and health care providers in Connecticut.
Connie by the Numbers
Image Exchange
One of the ways to measure the effectiveness of any Health Information Exchange can be to measure the quantity and quality of data being received, processed and assembled in a meaningful way for its users. This is why we regularly track and report the connections with our newest participants. READ MORE about who is connected and what they're sending...
You asked, we answered... After popular demand for an image sharing service, that would allow users to access patient images in full diagnostic quality at the point of care, we're happy to announce that we've delivered on that request. READ MORE about this incredible new service through Connie that is saving time and improving care...
Connecticut Health Care Providers to Collect REL Data
Introducing CT eHealth Podcasts 
The collection of race, ethnicity, and language (REL) data is a critical component of evaluating health outcomes among various populations and ensuring health equity for everyone. READ MORE to understand Connie's role in this effort and how our connection with the healthcare community, will support the state's goal to reduce racial disparities among Black and Brown communities.
Connie has partnered with UConn Health, to launch a new podcast series: CT eHealth Podcasts, with the primary goal to educate, converse and connect with local and national experts and key stakeholders in the area of eHealth. READ MORE to review our podcast topics and get a peek at our published episodes featuring Jenn Searls, Dr. Allen Davis and Lisa Stump.
CONNIE SPOTLIGHT: Featuring Wins & Rockstars
We want to recognize and congratulate our very own Lisa Stump, for being named as one of the top women to watch in 2022 for Health IT. We are honored to have you as a serving board member for Connie and thrilled to benefit from your caliber of expertise. CONGRATULATIONS!

EHR Intelligence recently wrote an article featuring CT’s health IT officer, Sumit Sajnani taking the reins as chair of the board of directors for Connie. We welcome Sumit to our BOD and are ecstatic to be the beneficiaries his wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. WELCOME!

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