Connie Connection - Quarterly Newsletter
Connie, Connecticut’s designated health information exchange (HIE), is experiencing incredible progress in connecting health organizations and upgrading the state’s healthcare. We've been hard at work on our core mission to facilitate the best patient health care for CT, and we can't wait to share our progress with you!

As healthcare providers and patients continue to share data with Connie, the value of using the HIE will continue to increase. The ability for participating organizations to see data across the continuum of care will improve coordination and enhance patient care by improving efficiency, eliminating duplicate testing, and reducing costs.
New Participants Joining Every Day
We are excited to announce that as of April 2022, we have 287 data feeds representing 3.2 million patients and hundreds of participating organizations. Of those participating organizations (POs), we would like to highlight some of our newly connected partners that are sharing a robust amount of meaningful data through Connie.
  • Panel
  • Admission/Discharge/ Transfer
  • Laboratory Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Transcribed Notes

  • Panel
  • Admission/Discharge/ Transfer
  • Laboratory Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Transcribed Notes
  • Radiology Images
  • Panel
  • Admission/Discharge/ Transfer
  • Continuity of Care Documents
  • Radiology Images
Connected POs Dashboard is LIVE!
If you'd like to see our growing list of who is connected with Connie and what they're sharing, check out our Connected Organizations Dashboard, now live on our website at

This dashboard displays near real-time information on which providers and health care entities are connected and what types of data they are securely sharing.

We're proud to report that this dashboard is the only one of its kind in Connecticut and is accessible without the need for login credentials, providing valuable information for both providers and patients.

Additional features will be added to the dashboard in the coming months, including the ability to filter connectivity by health organization type, so be sure to bookmark this page and revisit for continued updates!
Connie Connects with EHRs:
In an effort to streamline the onboarding process for new participating organizations, Connie is establishing direct connections with Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors in an effort to remove roadblocks, decrease implementation time and potentially save money for participating organizations.
Connie is now connected with EPIC, Athena, and Greenway, and is working to add even more connected EHR vendors. Contact your Connie Account Manager or to start your technical onboarding process so that you too can benefit from this powerful resource!  
New Services LIVE in Connie:
IMAGE SHARE allows providers access to patient images in full diagnostic quality. Patient images and reports are made available directly in the Connie portal and InContext app in real-time, improving the speed and quality of care for all connected organizations, from private providers to large hospitals.

Currently, Bristol Health and several entities of Nuvance Health, including Sharon Hospital are sending images to Connie and are encouraging their affiliates to access Connie for viewing.
PROVIDER DIRECTORY is a search tool accessible through your Connie Portal Dashboard. The tool provides a searchable directory of listings, comprised of multiple public and private data sources.

In addition to making it easier for staff to quickly find and contact providers, Connie's Provider Directory establishes a consolidated source for provider information, resulting in a more comprehensive and accurate provider directory.
Contact a Connie Account Manager to gain access and/or
learn more about Image Share and our Provider Directory
COMING SOON: Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)
Exciting things are coming this summer! Connie is collating medication data
from contributing providers to build best possible medication histories. Make sure you're subscribed to our email list for updates and follow us on social media!
Have you checked out our CT eHealth Podcasts yet?
Did you know that Connie has partnered with UConn Health to launch a new podcast series? These podcasts feature highly qualified health information experts and focus on topics that affect Connecticut's healthcare community. Check out what you've been missing...
CONNIE SPOTLIGHT: Celebrating Connie Anniversaries
Happy workaversary to Account Manager Traci Townsan and Communications Manager Tiffany Magennis, who just celebrated their first work anniversary! Tiffany and Traci joined the Connie team on April 1 of 2021 and have been essential to Connie’s success, even before Connie’s May 3rd commencement. We are so thankful that you are a part of our team!
What Do You Like About Connie?
"It’s been a pleasure to work with such a talented team, all dedicated to improving the lives and health of CT patients."
What Is It Like To Work With Connie?
"Working with the Connie team has been an incredible journey I am proud to be a part of! Not only has the progression of Connie been amazing, but it’s twice as rewarding with such a supportive team."
IN OTHER NEWS: Upcoming Events & Things You May Have Missed
Join Connie's Account Managers as they walk us through an introduction to Connie, provide an overview of Connecticut's state mandate, and layout the steps to connect with Connie by May 3, 2023.

Discover how Connie will bring a 360-degree view of patient, allowing providers to have all the information they need in one place and supporting them with the most complete records to make the best possible care decisions. 

REGISTER today and invite a colleague!
As you may know, a new state law requires health care providers to collect self-reported race, ethnicity, and language (REL) data. Click the image above to preview the roadmap developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, to walk you through how to implement this initiative.

If you would like to attend a series of virtual stakeholder meetings designed to assist healthcare providers and state agencies required to submit REL data in accordance with C.G.S. 19a-754d, complete this SURVEY to get registered.
UConn Health & Connie are pleased to announce an upcoming Public Health Data Webinar featuring the CDC's Chief Public Health Informatics Officer, Adi Gundlapalli, MD, PhD, MS and CT DPH Commissioner Manisha Juthani, MDThey will discuss the value of data to support Public Health. Click HERE to get registered.
In case you missed it, WATCH this panel of guest speakers outline the OHS' initiatives on achieving affordable healthcare. This webinar outlines the importance of accountability, the Healthcare Benchmark Initiative, the impacts of unaffordable healthcare, a review of the pre-benchmark analysis data and a next steps discussion.  
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