Conquering Needle Phobia
Needles and shots and swabs oh my!
A one session group for kids and parents

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment that can work fast!

For CMO patients age 6 through teens 
  • Education:
    • What is normal fear?
    • Anticipatory anxiety running wild
    • Your body has been hijacked by your mind
  • Parent Guidance:
    • What you can do to help your child
    • Do's & Don'ts --Before, During & After
  • Intervention & Treatment
    • Calming your body
    • Calming your mind
    • Regaining control over your fear
    • Gradual exposure and your own pace

When:  Monday October 21, 2019 4:30-5:30 pm
Where: CMO * 477 Andover St * N orth Andover, MA  01845
Insurance Accepted, co-payment due at time of group
To register, please call our office at 978-975-3355
For more information, visit our website at