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February 25, 2021
Mark's latest interview, on "Interviews with Innocence"
From Marla Hughes...

I’m excited to share “Interviews With Innocence”’ a podcast showcasing a variety of experts in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and mindfulness.

The knowledge I've gained from this has changed my life and understanding of the world so profoundly. I'm honored to share my journey with you.

Science-minded folks will enjoy this article about Bernardo Kastrup's work. Kastrup explains why Idealism usurps Materialism; Consciousness is primary, not a product of the brain
Two amazing near-death experience (NDE) accounts. Tricia Barker and Stephanie Arnold each share their compelling accounts, starting at 5:00 minutes and 18:45 respectively
Induced After Death Communications (IADC's) were inadvertently discovered by Dr. Allan Botkin during therapy sessions with PTSD patients. The IADC therapy has proven to be very healing to grieving persons
For those interested in learning more about IADC therapy, check out this full-length interview with Dr. Allan Botkin, conducted by Bob Olson. Botkin has since retired, but there are other Practitioners in this field.
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