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New eLearning Course All About Consensus

Are you ready to dive into the world of consensus decision-making and learn how to do it right?

Consensus decision-making is not just about reaching agreement, it's about fostering collaboration and achieving lasting solutions.

Learn all about the course right here

Craig explains the course (2.5 mins)

This course is for you if........

  • You are in a group that makes decisions by consensus and want to do better
  • You are starting a consensus-based group and want to avoid mistakes
  • You are exploring consensus as a way of governance for your group
  • You have been frustrated with consensus and want to learn how to do it right
  • You seek formal steps and structure for efficient and effective processes

Pre-sale available now for a limited time. Launch Date: November 13

Order now and get $30 off the course

Learn about it here

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Free Training

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1pm ET

My free Training Talk Shows are pretty popular, often with 100 people signing up.

This one's going to be focused on Group Culture, that allusive unwritten thing that can make your group sail or sink your ship.

Understanding the power of group culture, and how to change it, is key for effective leadership.

As always, I'll tell you what I know about culture but also, I want to hear from YOU. It's a Talk Show!

My Training Talk Shows are always free. Always interactive. Just 50 minutes online.

WEDNESDAY, November 29, 2023, 1pm Maine TimeHRegister Here

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