The Conservancy’s Education Department recently brought Avalon Schools 6th graders to the Trailhead , which is LEED Gold certified, to study sustainable buildings. The Island Scholars learned about the photovoltaic system on the roof that provides energy savings reflected in the building management systeml. The students also learned about the native plant garden on the top deck, the water capture tanks, and the building’s reverse osmosis water desalination.
Inspired by the sustainable design, students created eco-conscious ‘gingerbread houses.’

“The students worked together and thoughtfully implemented the sustainable designs in their own 'gingerbread houses,’” said Environmental Education Specialist Cressita Bowman. “The students used their creativity to think of ways to help the school be more sustainable without a big budget and constructed a double-barrel compost bin for the school garden to recycle and reuse their food and paper scraps.”