Hit the Trails for National Trails Day!
The first Saturday in June is National Trails Day! Catalina Island Conservancy is proud to maintain more than 165 miles of recreational roads and trails. From day hikes to our popular multi-day backpacking experience, the 38.5-mile Trans-Catalina Trail, there are recreational opportunities for adventurers of all ages. Free hiking permits are required and are available online.
Though hiking may be the first thing you think of in terms of Catalina’s trails, there are many outdoor activities that the trails network offers access to, such as birdwatching and biking. Cyclists on Catalina enjoy the twists and turns of the Island’s more than 40 miles of paved and unpaved of bike-friendly roads and trails. To ride your mountain bike through the wildlands, a Freewheeler Bike Pass is required, which is a benefit of a Conservancy membership starting at $35. Click here to join. You can redeem your Freewheeler Bike Pass only on the Island: at the Trailhead visitor center, Two Harbors Visitor Services, Airport in the Sky or Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden. For more information on biking the Island including a digital map, click here.
Seabird Surveys
Each year, Catalina Island Conservancy performs surveys of the rare Scripps’s Murrelet (Synthliboramphus scrippsi), a unique little seabird listed as threatened by the State of California with a population of only 5,000-10,000 breeding pairs. In addition to spotting birds on the water, murrelet surveys also involve catching and banding individual birds as well as looking for nests. Tagging birds presents its own challenges. Birds cannot be tagged at their nests because they will abandon their chicks, so biologists use a net to catch birds sitting on the water. Once they catch a bird, biologists gather information and affix a band to its leg. Continuing studies of these inconspicuous birds is important because they face very real risks. Though you may only see them rarely, during a channel crossing or on the water, these resilient little birds have a home on Catalina Island. The more that we are able to study them and protect sensitive areas, the better the chance they have to thrive. Learn more about our conservation programs.
Grab an Explore Pack
Explore Packs are back at Avalon Library! Families in Nature Explore Packs allow kids to explore their natural surroundings while learning. Catalina Island Conservancy, thanks to support from Congresswoman Janice Hahn and the county of Los Angeles, was able to create these free resources. Each Explore Pack contains several hands-on activities that correspond with a section of an educational binder. Lessons have simple steps to follow to maximize learning, and each Explore Pack contains children’s books to reinforce learning through literature. The Explore Packs also further the Conservancy’s mission of conservation, education and recreation by encouraging Catalina’s youth to learn about their surrounding environment through nature-based exploration, inspiring new conservationists. Learn more about the Conservancy’s Education programs.
Get Your #DreamJob
Have you ever dreamed of living and working on Catalina Island? The Conservancy has positions available for those who want to make a difference. Join the nonprofit Catalina Island Conservancy, with openings in a variety of departments for many skillsets. Job opportunities include positions in guest services, conservation as a wildlife biologist, and seasonal trails and facilities openings. Click here for all available positions.