Bringing Oaks Back at Bulrush
The Conservation team, with assistance from Los Angeles Conservation Corps, recently planted 2,000 Island scrub oak (Quercus pacifica) at four sites in Bulrush watershed. Island scrub oak is one of two oak species endemic to the southern islands of the California Floristic Province. On Catalina, scrub oak once occupied about a third of the island’s total area, but over the last 70 years, about 31 percent of that historic range has been lost by gradual dieback. The Conservancy continues to work to restore this unique species on the Island. Each of the four sites in Bulrush received 500 scrub oaks planted using one of three different methods: bare plantings, planting with Tuley tubes, and planting with a Waterboxx.
Seedling survival will be evaluated at six months, one year and three years. The Bulrush experiment is part of a larger restoration project that includes planting near, in and around Little Harbor, funded by the Dorrance Family Foundation and the Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation.
A New Addition to Our Fleet
A new Toyota Tundra has joined the Eco Tour fleet! Island visitors are loving the enhanced Eco Tour experience, with climate control and comfortable seating for eight. These customized vehicles have really improved the experience for those on Eco Tours, which traverse the Island including on 4x4 roads that no other outfitter can reach. This is now our third Tundra, all of which feature a unique wrap design highlighting Island vistas and species. Book your Eco Tour today!
You've Got Mail
The Conservancy recently received a creative drawing in our email inbox from a young Catalina fan! Zoe Eisenstein recently visited the Island, which she says, “is a place where people and nature grow and come together.” The 9-year-old created a beautiful drawing of her experience, featuring dolphins on the coast, the iconic Casino, and bison roaming the hills of Catalina. Her mother called the drawing Zoe’s “thank you note to Catalina and the people of Catalina for making it such a special place.” Zoe recently turned 10 (Happy Birthday!) and cannot wait to visit Catalina again soon. Have you created any Catalina-inspired art or have an experience you’d like to share? Send us an email – we’d love to hear from you!
New Nature Journal Kits are Coming!
The Conservancy is excited to provide Catalina Jr. Naturalist kits for the Catalina community. These will include supplies to help students better explore and interact with nature. The Catalina Jr. Naturalist booklets provided are in both English and Spanish. These learning kits are intended for Avalon residents and will provide families with enough materials for multiple family members to actively participate. The kits will be available in front of the Catalina Island Conservancy admin offices ("CIC House") on July 21 between 11am and 2pm while supplies last, provided on a first come, first serve basis. Last time we had these available, the kits went fast! Thank you to L.A. County Fourth District Supervisor Janice Hahn for once again providing funds for this project. Check out our other Education resources.