Farewell Tony Budrovich, Conservancy President & CEO

After nearly eight years of leading the Catalina Island Conservancy as President and CEO, Tony Budrovich, has announced his departure. Tony will leave the Conservancy and Catalina Island at the end of October 2022.

The Catalina Island Conservancy just celebrated 50 years of stewarding Catalina Island through a balance of conservation, education and recreation, and Tony has been a passionate spokesperson for all three. He leaves a legacy of accomplishments including the opening of the Trailhead, a state-of-the-art visitor center; the detection of newflora and fauna; extensive education programs for all ages; and the re-opening of Airport in the Sky and ACE Clearwater Airfield through a partnership with the Department of Defense. 

Tony has hired, developed and leaves an exceptional team whose members realize the unique responsibility and opportunity they have to demonstrate that conservation in the 21st century is by people, for people and that Catalina tests solutions to the environmental challenges here and on our Island Earth. With Board-approved strategic plans for Conservation, Education and Recreation, he leaves guidance for the Conservancy long into the future.

The Board wishes to thank Tony for the exceptional growth of the Conservancy and many accomplishments during his team’s tenure. Please join the Board in offering CEO Tony Budrovich the best in his future adventures.

The Cautionary Tale of Stumpy the Fox

The annual fox trapping season has begun for Catalina Island Conservancy’s wildlife team. During this time, our wildlife biologists conduct health checkups and vaccinate the foxes for rabies and canine distemper. Early in the season, the wildlife crew found young female pup whose tail had been run over by vehicle. The pup was brought to Dr. Denney's Animal Clinic in Avalon, where they discovered she was suffering from an infection and in critical condition.  With the infection worsening faster than medication could help, tail amputation was her only chance at survival. Amputations in the wildlife program are very rare, with the most recent attempt occurring over five years ago. Thanks to the treatment and care from Dr. Denney and the resiliency of this juvenile fox, "Stumpy" was released back into her natural habitat as a happy, healthy pup - sans tail. While this story had a happy ending, may this serve as a reminder to please drive slowly and cautiously while on Catalina Island to help protect our beloved foxes! Learn more about the recovery of Catalina's endemic Island fox.

Connecting to Catalina by Heart, Not by Sight

In October, the Education Department partnered with the Hearts for Sight Foundation to provide a Nature Exploration Day for 28 members of the blind and visually impaired community. Program participants experienced a guided, multisensory introduction to the Island from the heights of Airport in the Sky to the shore at Little Harbor. The Conservancy’s mission of education and recreation aligns well with the mission of Hearts for Sight which includes breaking down barriers to health and fitness. Hillary Holt, Outreach Programs Manager noted a reward of working with like-minded partners such as Hearts for Sight “is to be told by a visually impaired participant that they had been to Catalina before as a sighted person, but this time they felt like they truly saw the island”. The program was a learning experience for the Education Team in addition to the participants. “It challenged us as educators to think of alternative ways to interpret the Island,” added Cressita Bowman, Education Programs Manager, “through other pathways than sight alone”. Learn more about our Education Programs on Catalina.

Catalina: The Wild Side Online Sale

The Catalina: The Wild Side Art Show & Sale on October 23rd was a huge success, raising well over $100,000 to benefit the Conservancy's vital programs on Catalina Island. The unique hybrid event welcomed guests both online and in-person at Newport Harbor Yacht Club. If you missed the show or wish you had bought a painting while you were there, you are in luck! There is still a chance to purchase some of amazing Catalina Island paintings presented by our 9 nationally-renowned plein air artists. Our online sale is now live and will be open through Friday, November 4. Take a look and support our artists and the work of the Catalina Island Conservancy by purchasing a painting for your collection.

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