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Upcoming online classes and virtual events
No Place Like Home: Self-paced online class, June 4 - 21
When we bring a parrot into our lives, from parakeets to macaws, we are offering them a place to call home. What does home mean? For a parrot it might mean a place to be safe, be healthy, have a sense of family, and be provided positive opportunities to live and thrive. This class will address what each of these means to a bird, and give you some ideas about how to continue providing the good life for your bird. This class satisfies our adoption process class requirement. In order for applicants to receive credit for the class, all activities must be completed and turned in.

Avian Behavior and Training with Debbie Foster, June 12
Debbie Foster
Join us for a class that will teach you the science of learning and behavior and learn how we can apply that to the birds in our care. This class is good for people who are new to parrots and for people who have had parrots for quite a while. We guarantee you'll learn something new!

You'll get information on how and what to train, and understand the connection between what we do and our bird's behavior.

Debbie is certified as a trainer and behavior consultant and combines those two disciplines to help people with their parrots and to help give birds the skills they need to succeed in their homes. She is also an instructor at Companion Animal Sciences Institute, a teaching assistant for Living and Learning with Animals, and the owner of Parrot Ps and Qs.

Saturday, June 12, 2021
1:00p.m. EDT - 3:00p.m. EDT (UTC -4)
This event will not be recorded, so must be attended live online via Zoom.

Nourish to Flourish: Healthy Foods for Parrots, July 11
Good food will make all the difference to your bird’s health, both physically and mentally. Let’s talk about the variety of important fresh foods, dry foods and pellets, supplements, and presentation options you can use to ensure your bird actually eats what you work so hard to provide! We will also discuss some of the health issues that result from poor diets.

Sunday, July 11, 2021
FREE, Online
1:00p.m. EDT - 3:00p.m. EDT (UTC -4)

Special event! Understanding common issues with eclectus parrots with Dr. Rob Marshall and Tailai O'Brien, July 25
Rob Marshall and a male eclectus parrot
Dr. Rob Marshall is a veterinarian in Australia, and Tailai O’Brien is an animal trainer. They have spent years learning about the natural history, behavior, living conditions, and habitat of eclectus parrots in the wild, while also working with them in captivity. They base their care recommendations on what they have learned about wild eclectus to avoid or treat some common issues experienced with eclectus parrots in homes.

Sunday, July 25, 2021
Registration fee: $35, Online
1:00p.m. EDT - 5:30p.m. EDT (UTC -4)
Question and answer period with presenters will be 5:00 - 5:30p.m. EDT

A recording will be available to registered attendees for approximately one month after the event, in case you wish to re-watch it, or miss part of it.

Please visit for details on these and other events! If you missed one of our previous webinars that was recorded, you may view the recording at
Adoptable birds spotlight
Interested in adopting a parrot? Information about our adoption process may be found at
Isabella, 43 year old blue and gold macaw (FL)
Mama a double yellow headed Amazon parrot
Mama, a 30 year old double yellow headed Amazon (VA)
Mario a yellow budgie
Mario, a 2 year old male budgie (NC)
Thinking about adding a budgie to your home?
Please consider adopting! If you haven't already, send in an application and join us for the self-paced No Place Like Home class. We have had a number of requests to take in budgies over the last month, and suspect requests will continue to increase over the summer months (when a lot of animals are relinquished.) Thanks!
Global Parrot: Brazil's Pantanal
Ann Brooks highlights the ongoing efforts of the Hyacinth Macaw Institute (Instituto Arara Azul) in Brazil to protect the endangered Hyacinth macaws and other parrots in her latest Global Parrot segment on the Lafeber site. In recent years, wildfires were especially problematic due to drought and a lack of firefighting resources.
Learn more about the efforts of the Hyacinth Macaw Institute, and what you can do to help protect the parrots who call the Pantanal home.
Thank you, Carly!
Please join us in wishing Carly, our Parrot Care Specialist and On-site Volunteer Coordinator, good luck in her future ventures! Carly has done an amazing job on-boarding new volunteers at the adoption center during a most unusual time of social distancing, etc.! Carly is responsible for sharing many fan-favorite pictures and videos of the cockatoos at the adoption center on Phoenix Landing's Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thank you for everything, Carly! You will be missed by volunteers and parrots alike!
Need new toys or treats?
Need some new toys to keep your birds busy? When you shop in our volunteer-run Helping Parrots store, you also support the parrots in Phoenix Landing's adoption program. The parrots thank you for it!
Join the Phoenix Landing Adoption Center Team!
Jasmine the Moluccan
Do you enjoy working with parrots, especially cockatoos? Are you equally excited about working with people, too? Phoenix Landing is looking for a Parrot Care Specialist and On-site Volunteer coordinator!
Adoptions finalized in May
Congratulations to the following birds and their families!
  • Blue (budgie)
  • Buttercup (Sulphur crested cockatoo)
  • Camille (Congo African grey)
  • Finnigan (Moluccan cockatoo)
  • Gizmo (Congo African grey)
  • Joe (Congo African grey)
  • Kiwi and Tango (conures)
  • Limoncello (cockatiel)
  • Mango (cockatiel)
  • Max (severe macaw)
  • Milagro (blue and gold macaw)
  • Oberst (green cheek conure)
  • Pete (cockatiel)
  • Tookie (Moluccan cockatoo)
Parrots in the News
Coming soon: New look for the Phoenix Landing website
Screenshot of new Phoenix Landing website
We have been working on a new look for the Phoenix Landing website, and owe an incredible debt of gratitude to Courtney Sanders, who has volunteered her time to help create a new look, and increased functionality, for the site! We also want to thank the many volunteers who have written articles for it, taken photographs for it, and who are helping to review the site before it goes live. It takes a village to help parrots, even an online village. Thank you!

We will move to the new look for the website later this month. Stay tuned!
Phoenix Landing Wish List

Donated items may be sent to Phoenix Landing Foundation, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC 28701.

Please drop us a note at if you purchase something for us, including if you'd like a thank you note, as vendors do not always provide information on who generously purchased something for us. Thank you for helping parrots!
A huge thank you goes to everyone who donated items from previous wish lists in the last month to Phoenix Landing! We have received some INCREDIBLE donations recently, too! We received a nice new saw, a cordless electric spin mop, nuts, food, toy parts, travel cages, cleaning products and more! We aren't always notified who donated items to us, so please send an email if you do send something so we can thank you! We know the parrots greatly appreciate it!