There is one thing Conservatives all agree on: the Liberals must be defeated in 2019.

But the question is: With what shall we replace them?

If we are to win, we must show Canadians we have different views and different principles than the Liberals.

We will not win by being Liberal-light. The Liberals are currently moving their social agendas forward, and of concern is that they are doing so with the support of Conservatives.

The Liberal Gender Identity and Gender Expression Bill (C-16) passed second reading with the support of many Conservative MPs.

When it came to the Liberal “Gender Awareness Week” (C-309), only one Conservative MP voted against it.

How about a “Freedom of Speech” week instead?  Now that is Conservative!  So would be a “Strong Families Week”!

M-103, a motion that tries to suppress even legitimate concerns about religious extremism, will be coming to a vote soon. Media speculation is that it too will sail through the House.

These initiatives start with the legitimate concern of fighting discrimination. But then each one spirals out into areas that should cause us concern as small c- and big-C Conservatives.

These bills advance Liberal social ideology and yet we, as Conservatives, are supporting them.  We are helping Canada become more Liberal.  We will not defeat the Liberals this way.

Some leadership candidates argue that if we don’t support these Liberal initiatives, we will lose the next election.  The exact opposite is true.

We need to know what we stand for as Conservatives.  Buying into political correctness and Liberal ideology hurts Conservative chances of winning in 2019.

Let’s make sure that we are running as Conservatives, and not as “Liberal-light”.

Canadians need a strong Conservative option to form a responsible and common-sense government.