May 19, 2023

Upcoming Dates

Wed. May 24

Final SPAEC Meeting

Thank you to all the families and friends who came out Wednesday night to support our students as they showed off their amazing talents! All of our students have worked incredibly hard the last few months in preparation for the concert and it did not go unnoticed. I am so proud of each and everyone of them!

The school year is beginning to wind down! You are almost there! Stay strong and cross the finish line with your head held high!

Hannah Jamel

Conservatory Administrative Assistant

The VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts exists to integrate all fine arts with knowledge across all disciplines so that students’ studies and performances humbly glorify God.

Our Shakespeare Performing Arts and Enrichment Club did an amazing job Wednesday night at the VCS Radio Conservatory Spring Showcase! This was a wonderful opportunity for our middle schoolers to perform in front of a live audience. They did wonderful! There will be one final meeting on Wednesday, May 24!!

Ensemble Updates

VCS Radio Symphony

VCS Radio Symphony did a fantastic job at the concert on Wednesday night! David debuted his original piece Mare and it was amazing! Great job David! Symphony will no longer meet during 0 period for the remainder of the school year. Good luck with finals!

VCS Radio Jazz

Jazz had a wonderful performance Wednesday night! There will be no more Jazz rehearsals for the remainder of the school year. Good luck on your finals!

Elementary Music Updates

3rd Grade

 It is so exciting to see our young 3rd graders embark on the next phase of their musical journey, as they learn and develop the skills and responsibilities involved in handling a new instrument. As a reminder, 3rd graders are encouraged to come to morning band on Mondays and Wednesdays in the band room (7:40am-8:10am) for the opportunity to get ahead on their instrument. Please take a moment to look at the letter from Miss Knitter, “How to Help Your Young Musician” for information and advice about at-home practice and helpful resources.

How to Help Your Young Musician

4th/5th Grade

Students are encouraged to come to morning band on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (7:40-8:10am) if they need help or would like to work ahead in their books.

Morning Band Update!

Morning band will no longer be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students may come before school (7:40am-8:10am) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday if they need any extra help or would like to work ahead on their instruments! Please see the Rehearsal/ Tutoring Schedule down below for any more updates throughout the end of the year!

KVCB-LP 100.9 FM

Falcon Radio continues to fly at 100.9 FM. It may be late May but The Falcon Never Rest.

The Middle School Students interviewed Gabriel Calderon of the VCS Athletic Boosters Club. KVCB is happy to partner with The Booster Club and we hope to bring you more VCS Sports in the future. Thanks Gabriel!

We are still hoping to interview Josh Heiikila, missionary from Ghana. Turmoil continues in Chad which has an impact on Ghana. Stay tuned and we will make every effort to have him on. Hey, it's live radio folks. Pray for Josh and his ministry. 

Our positive newscasts continue at 10, 11:35, and Noon M-F. We have added a new Falcon Flash segment with news about Falcon students and their accomplishments. Seniors get to report their college admissions for the Fall and other good news.

We will continue our automated program over the Summer. The Falcon Never Rest. If you know someone who wants to be a part of KVCB 100.9 please contact me at

Finally, to paraphrase an old Gospel song, "His eye is on the Falcon and I know his eye is on me." His eye is on all of us.

In His Service,

Dr. Gary Dreibelbis

Students interested in joining the VCS Radio Student Production Staff as an extracurricular activity should contact Dr. Dreibelbis at 

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